Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If Imma Terminator, Imma Terminator-Lamo-Alpha

From Nuffnang's post, to win a pair of invites to the movie screenings, one is required to write in a slogan on their comment section. So here's what I wrote for the entry..

"If I’m a Terminator, I will terminate anyone whose fate,
is to be obsolete on that date, and I assure you I won’t be late,

So you need not wait, and I promise I’ll be gentle, mate!

To ease the pain, just count to 8, there’s more than enough to rid your hate,

That is how I will terminate, kthxbai enough said!"

LOL right? Chill Chill, that's not the actually entry... So behold on what I've gotta say:

"If I’m a terminator, I will terminate anyone in the target list,
and enjoy it as if i’m getting laid!"


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