Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 Colbie!

*phew* only a few minutes more before the end of the day. Yeapz, it's another birthday girl of may, Colbie. On the night of 22nd and the morning of 23rd, Colbie celebrated her 21st birthday with an unexpected surprise!

A few of us decided to give her an unforgettable birthday, and I was called to be part of it. But being told last minute about it, all I could do is just be there on her birthday.

So what happened then? Well, we caught her off guard at her house, when we called her out at midnight. She was overwhelmed by the birthday shock, that she burst into tears. It's my first time seeing her in tears... of joy that way. She must be awesomely happy then! *grins*

Then we presented this undoubtly-astonishing cake which was made of jelly. She absolutely love it!

After that, we all headed out to a cafe, where we continued the celebration. We took like 1/2 hour or more just to head there, because dearest birthday girl wanted to wash up (hahaha, I wish I could see that happy face of hers longer though), ROAR~!

Happy 21st birthday girl!


  1. thanks for de post j-free.. din notice dat u hv swap mine wif teresa's bdae post tim..(tot u nvr update!!!) ermm..lucki my covered half of my face..if not i reli gonna cekik u for uploading my (T.T) face..haha..thanks for everything ler =P

  2. @Colbie:
    *smiles* sure must update wan! =D
    hehe.. actually i wanted to post that up, but i know you sure wont like it, so i didn't post it loo.. hehehe =)

    girl, you're welcome.. I hope every year would be as great as this one for you.. =D