Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Burger Shop Times

Yesh what I'm about to write about is something that had already happened: the first 2 trips to the Burger Shop in SS15, behind Maybank, before Asian Cafe. I personally never knew that burgers could taste so good, until I had my first bite there!

This is the famous,
Special Mushroom Burger Ayam with Cheese
aka Burger Banjir

A Chicken Foldover,
I'd say it's 10 times better than other foldover out there.

Andrew and Me showing off the,
Kambing Oblong...
It was awesomely juicy,
and meaty!

They open everyday from 6pm till 4.30am
except Sundays.

Or you can give them a call,
to probably negotiate a catering service?
017 3555040

You guys are probably wondering it's probably another burger stall. Well you maybe right if you're just looking from a far. But somewhat it's location is one of the best, and when a group of people (friends especially) eat together there, magic happens.. Let me show you how it was during the first two trips there:

Chris was quite emo after a futsal game.
All he did was drink those can drinks,
trying to get drunk?
I personally have no idea, lol

Andrew and I went over to comfort him..

And somehow he was okay the next few minutes..
Was it us? or was it the place itself?

[L->R: Me, Zoe, Chris, Andrew, Isaac, Alex]
People from all around would come for it..
We have people from Seri Kembangan, Seri Petaling,
Kepong, Bandar Utama and also people who lives nearby

Oops.. I forgotten her name..
But she has her feastings eyes on the burger..
She eats with enthusiasm, I tell you!

Burgers there are good till the extend,
if you leave them unattended even just a while
to answer a phone call, people would take the opportunity

Say "Yaaaaammm....."


Wanna know what Zoe's doing?
she's cleaning the mess her hair got into..
Apparently her hair wanted a part of the burger banjir too!

All these leaves one with a smile heading home..

That's Burger Shop @ SS 15 for you people..
A group of people went there to eat together-gether..
And now we have a group,
called the Supper Hunters!


[photos are courtesy of Alex]


  1. hope it is in Kuching..seems delicious.=]

  2. @Raymond:
    awwwh.. it is delicious..
    i hope this shop can expand it's greatness to Kuching too.. =)

  3. wow.. really so nice the bigger.. n hot dog?? nicer then Ramli burger n Hotdog 1901 ? Got 'ta bao' ahh.. bungkus.. delivery can ? should try once..

  4. @Eve:
    The burger is really nice.. you should try.. XD yea.. cheaper and nicer than 1901.. hmm Ramli burger so so only wor..

    You go there and ta bao loo.. try for yourself..

  5. haha... how's the burger craze coming along?

  6. @SoonSeng:
    Well, it's going on great.. but this post was about my first two trips there.. =) hehehe..