Thursday, May 28, 2009

MDG2 #1 - The Before-Event Moments

I was invited to attend the MalaysianDreamGirl 2 (MDG2) event by Diese. Headed over to The Curve after classes, with NigelFlyGuy. As usual, I'd be early in any event or occassion. And by that, I met up with Andrew, Zoe, YennieDoll and WenPink, followed by (shortly after I arrived) Diese, her sister and brother.

While we were munching and chatting over tea-time, Zoe was had to concentrate on her 10-pages-of-homework-but-do-only-a-few which was on Algebra. Apparently she couldn't concentrate much especially when there's fun people like us around. *grins*

Yeah, Andrew was Zoe's tutor..
Pretty awesome and strict too..

I kinda like doing this.. :)

Zoe was playing with BabyShanon,
video-recording for like 13 minutes,
[ cannot upload to youtube, Zoe :( ]
and it ended with this shot..

This looks like some of play scene..

Oh and getting ready for the event, WenPink needed some touch up. And so did Diese. Girls... touch up's are very, very, VERY important. Do take note of that.

I must say, Zoe looks like a professional, no?

Diese carefully did hers too..

Then, we headed off to the event area, where we met the rest of the blogger friends. And I we camwhored and took funny pictures too! =P

This is how Dusty makes his entrance..
Jac tries to protect herself with the camera..

Diese showing her invite/pass to MDG2

Dusty makes a statement!

Cincau & Zoe

Me & WenPink

Hitomi & Me

Me & Kenny

Diese and Me

Me & PPC

Well that's all for the part 1 of MDG2

Stay tuned!


  1. =_________=
    eeehhh.. here oso got my touch-up-makeup picture aaahh???
    i dun wanna to do any makeup activity in front of bloggers anymore..

  2. @Diese:
    But I took and only upload the good pictures.. *points* See! Nice what..


  3. Aiks, my dark eye circle is getting worst ;p
    Nice seeing u there!

  4. @TianChad:
    Was nice seeing you tbere too.. =D
    Nah, it's okay la.. even I have the dark rings..