Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back From Terminator Salvation screenings and Hokkien Mee 128

Quick Update:

Earlier tonight I attended the movie screenings of Terminator Salvation courtesy of Nuffnang. Had dinner at Manhattan's Fish Market with a group of bloggers before the screenings. After the screenings, a handful of us (8 people) - mostly the Supper Hunters' members head to a shop in Damansara Uptown to have ourselves some hokkien mee and loh mee. Was totally awesome!

Celine, Suresh, Me, Joshua, Andrew, Alex, WenPink,
and Chris (who took this picture)

Details on tonight later on...
And will reveal why the number 128 too..


  1. haha. I know why 128!

    Chris has basically revealed the answer in the photo he posted to FB ;p

  2. @Jac:
    LOL.. shhh.. dun spoil the fun.. =P
    hehehehe.. awesome ei? =)