Friday, May 01, 2009

Jamie's 17th Birthday Bash!

Last Saturday was an awesome Saturday! Why? Well as the title states, you shall see it for yourself.. XD I was there early, thinking of helping out (if help was even needed). Silly me, when I reached the building, I walk 3 floors up just to find out that there's actually a lift to her apartment.. Yes, wtf, I'm NOOB!

Alright by 7pm or so, almost everyone was there. And the food was all ready to be served:

This is Jamie's Mum's best sell-out food..
Within the hour, it was almost gone..
I took 6 plates myself..

This bowl of salad is amazing..
Everyone had their
fingers hands on it!

Wualah.. the entire course meal..
Western and oriental

This is Chris' special plate..
try and guess what those red "meatballs" really are..

Here's William, the videographer of the night..

Yes, our favourite girl of the night oops,
I meant all the time.. XD
JamieLiew herself..

I think this boy wanted to be part of the gang outside..
but was too shy.. So he decided to try out his powers..
See-through-wall technique.. XD

Can you imagine the drink that these two drank,
is actually called "Chinese Tea" by Jamie's Mum?
Yeah, Simon bottom's-up his cup of "chinese tea" in a flash

Next to follow is Sandra..
Boy, girls nowadays can really drink..

This is JosephLee..

Every party MUST have a game session, am I right or am I right?
So in one of the rounds played, these two were it.
They were "sentenced" to "punish" each other,
by having the guy kissing the girl.
Seriously I think this "punishment" rawks!
Both of them had the utmost joyous time of the night.. XD
How I know? I saw their sparkling smiles..

After the food and games,
the birthday girl brings out her cake..
Unfortunately we didn't smack the cake into her face..
Darn it.. I'll make sure I'll do that the next time around..
*evil grins*

Just a close up on the cake..
Apologies for the failed-color-orientation.. =(

This here is a collection of some of the pictures
I'd gotten from Jamie..

Alright now for the fun part of that evening/night, the coming up pictures, will make you laugh and/or wonder why you had missed these moments.. *grins*

[This is the before...]
Moments like this are memorable.. Why?
I have one question for you..

[The question]
Ever wondered what happened if you drank too much?

[This is the after]
This here.. IS PRICELESS

Try and guess what Imma doing there?
Hint: It has something to do with shaking my booty..

The JamieLiew's Pose..

Then comes the horny picture...
Oh sh*t, I look freakishly horny..
*shivers run down my spine*

Check out her gifts..
OMG there's even Dorothy Perkins.. wtf..

But this "bun"-gift was the ultimate gift,
she got addicted to it..
(can tell by seeing how high she went, lol)
Okays, so what did I gave her?

What do you think now?

Last but not least, I wanna thank Jamie for inviting me to her absolutely superb party.. *hugs* Still her birthday is yet to come.. hehe.. So I can still wish her, "happy birthday in advance!"


  1. wtf wei jeffrey! u reli look horny XD..hahahaha

  2. @Jackie:
    hahaha.. yesh.. me can be horny at times.. xD that explains why I'm still single till today.. wtf lol xD