Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bloggers' Movie Meeting # 3 with a Big Surprise!

Even as the title states #3, this is only my first time attending the Bloggers' Movie Meeting (BMM aka DGMB-Brings-Movie-Meeting). Moreover, this outing is in conjunction with the DGMB anniversary. Wootza! So, the plan that day was to meet up for lunch at McD's and then catch a movie: "He's Just Not That Into You". Actually I thought we'd go for some action-packed movie, but hey, romantic movies aren't too bad either. Haha, you'll soon find out why I said so.

So while waiting for everyone to arrive at McD's, some of us *coughs* especially me *coughs* would take out our camera's and start working magic doing-what-people-do-best-with-things-that-has-lens. *grins*

Imma looking at pictures taken with the help of Aaron's flash.
(picture by Nigel Sia)

Made me look like a desporado.
Noooo! I'm not.
I was just helping out to test the shutter speed, wtf wtf rofl!
(picture by Nigel Sia)

I swear I wasn't camwhoring,
I was taking a picture of the group..
but epic phailed la, what to do Imma noob xD
(picture by Simon Seow)

See the number of tickets there is?
Wanna know how many?
You do the counting lor..
err.. coz I lost count halfway.. *paiseh*

Which do you want to know?
PamSong's height or the total height of the ticket?
Whichever it is you want, here's a hint:
The ticket heights in at 5.1cm each one.

Also at the same time, all of us get to know each other or catch up with old friends. Honestly, this part of the get together-gether is something I'd love to do, at every single meet-up. Imma talkative, and this is where I can actually put my mouth to good use. Wtf LOL!

A group picture taken before entering the movie hall.
(picture from Nigel Sia)

Okays, so here's what made this movie meeting special, and also the reason why I said romantic movies are too bad. I'm not a fan of romantic movies, but what happened that day, changed my opinions. *grins*

Towards the end of the movie when the movie hall was still dark, suddenly there was this slideshow about a couple (seriously, at first I thought the movie somewhat got screwed up, @.@, how immature of me, ish ish) and a group appeared singing a love song with guitar strummings.

I was totally blur when I saw this, until moments later
(picture by Aronil)

Guitar playing and people singing

Then, candles were lit up at corners of the hall. In the midst of all these, a guy walked up to a girl, handed her the bouquet of roses and asked her hand in marriage. Wootza! A marriage proposal was done in the cinema! In the same movie hall we're in! Awesome right, no? This is the best thing ever, that happened for the them (definitely yes!) and for us (never thought I'd see this done in front of my eyes)! So, everyone popped out their cameras, and I believe this would be one of the times, when people can actually break the rules happily, lol *grins*

Everyone's so happy about it,
what more the Girl herself?
There's flowers, music and song, witnesses, public declaration...
with bloggers, cameras and crowd cheering..
Hey it's the perfect proposal, no?

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but is that Jessica (left) was tearing up there?

A group picture taken by Aronil,
before we left the hall =D

So after the movie, we chill out a while to catch up more and snap more pictures, wtf lol. Hey we're bloggers and some of us have cameras, what do you expect less from us? =P

PamSong's full of energy that day..
*wonders* Must be the nuggets..

As I was snapping pictures,
Nigel Tee snapped me! =P
(picture from Nigel Tee)

I put together these pictures put into a collection.
I hearts this! Don't you too?
(pictures from Nigel Sia)

Now some of you may ask what is DGMB? Well it's a group of bloggers-turned-friends-turned-besties. See the picture below, and if you know them, you can always ask them about it.

Well though it's not the whole gang though..
If you still don't know DGMB, look for them.. =D

This is the list of bloggers (taken from Aronil) who were there:

1. Linora (and 1 extra person) -

2. Linora’s BF

3. Yat -

4. Pamsong -

5. Pam’s Colleague Tim Tams

6. Aaron -

7. Thomas -

8. Kel Li –

9. Nigel –

10. David –

11. Joshua -

12. Stanley -

13. Dillon –

14. Jen -

15. Chung Lern -

16. Steph -

17. Andrew -

18. Jeffro -

19. Sin Yee

20. Jamie Chin -

21. Jan -

22. Tallen -

23. Yi Shan -

24. Jessica -

25. Jess –

26. Chris -

27. Mike -

28. Steph -

29. Jack -

30. Ewin -

31. Nigel Tee -

32. Suresh -

33. Melvin -

34. Alvin -

35. Alex -

36. Simon -

FYI, Thomas is one of the blogger who is mainly in charge of this outing. Most if not some of us, thought that everything was like planned up, but according to him, it was a really good coincidence. If you're there, you'd think the same too, no?

Thomas Yap himself..
(taken from Aronil)

Editted a picture of Simon

Seriously, this was something unexpected - indeed a Big Surprise =P Am looking forward for the next one. Who knows, maybe the next one might have a wedding in action? LOL, just kidding.

See how happy PamSong is?
Even I can't describe it..

P/s: Movie review will be done later.


  1. hahhaha pam pam you're so fun to be with XD

  2. LOL.. she's the only one with the most facial expression.. =P

  3. hahah syoknya ambik my piccies :P Lol yeah i thought the movie was screwed up at first too. Wouldn't have surprised me.. but then i realised i wasn't in penang :P Nice recap of the day :)

  4. @Linora:
    hehehe *grins* Well I did credit the pictures though, plus no modifications there.. =) Wasn't in penang? What about penang? *curious* Thankyiu for that.. hehe.. =D

  5. Oii. Why zoom so close. Until can see the pores in my face. T_T

  6. @SimonSeow:
    hehehe *grins* if not cannot see the eye properly ma.. =P

  7. Hahahahaha.
    Jeffro, you are officially a Pamstalker... hahaha

  8. @Thomas:
    Pamstalker? Now that's an interesting title.. =P

  9. uh pamstalker!! GAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA NICE NICE!! nyways nice seeing you again!! =D

  10. @Joshua:
    Noooo.. that's not my permanent title.. *darn you Thomas*

    Yeah, was definitely nice seeing you guys.. =) Hope to see you guys again for any upcoming meet up or events.. =)

  11. UNCLE Jeffro!! LOL =D I mean.. BRO.. hehee.. tonight burger!! LOL =D

  12. @Andrew:
    LOL! YESH BURGER TONITE! *jumps in excitement* =P