Sunday, May 03, 2009

BabyNovo is sick.. =(

Awwwwh.. My poor poor baby is not feeling well. I guess it started two days ago, when I was doing some of my works with my baby. I notice something weird with her, but didn't bother about it, as I thought it's just a small matter. However, I still see the same sh*t happening again. Well actually it did not go away. =(

I'll show you the problem that had happened. Damnit! Heartache I tell you, it's heartbreaking. We've been together for less than a year, and now this? *sobs*

Ladies and gentlemen, what is shown to you,
is a hot pixel found on my my laptop's screen BabyNovo's face.
[the picture taken was not edited,
and the dust you see around it, is just dust]

What's a hot pixel?
It is a type of defective pixel, which stays lit and can be best seen against dark background. [shown in the picture above]. Another name for it is the glowing pixel. As you can see it glows.


  1. @Jackie:
    LOL.. damn glowy right? kacau la that thing.. =.="