Sunday, May 31, 2009

A day at LowYat & TimeSquare

2 weeks back, Diese was in KL, and decided to get some stuffs and I tagged along as I wanted to check out things at Plaza Low Yat (PLY). So I asked a few bloggers to join along for lunch. The ones who manage to join along are WenPink & JoshuaOng.

So it was Diese, her brother and I, raiding the floors of PLY in search of Diese's items. And finally we stopped at a shop where we were given a good price. So what was it that we were looking for? Take a look carefully:

Diese trying out Lumix LX3

Diese's brother checking out the menu on Lu

The accessory that could be mounted:
Miniature External Flash

Once done, we waited for both WenPink & JoshuaOng to arrive. Diese's brother had to leave early because he had some stuffs to do. So we waited, and while at it, I took some shots of Diese's BabyLexa.

Diese with BabyLexa

Different angles of the LX3

That the screen of the LX3

JoshuaOng arrived then, and not long after that, we all headed to Berjaya Time Square (BTS) to walk around (was getting bored of PLY anyways). And JoshuaOng suggested to have lunch at the BTS' Foodcourt. That's where WenPink showed up, just in time for lunch and not a minute later. LOL

After lunch we jalan jalan (translation: take a walk) around. Wanted to watch movie but no good shows for the time. Somewhat we all nearly had our jaws dropped and stared hard at JoshuaOng when he suggested Syurga Cinta. Like NOO WAY are we gonna watch that! So failed to watch a movie, we went to the arcade instead.

They are still young enough to "ride on alligators"

JoshuaOng left at around 4pm, leaving the 3 of us there. So we head to OldTown in PLY to have a drink, before heading home.

The ladies at OldTown, PLY

And I got some treat before heading home..
Hehehehe.. =D
Am one lucky dude, aren't I?

If you're asking why there weren't a picture of us four, well we did not camwhore that day =)