Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - This is it!

Just got back from one heck of a show - the MJ's last show/shot, THIS IS IT! Yes people, THAT WAS DEFINITELY IT! Never have I seen such great moments put together, nor have I felt the strong feelings and passion coming from someone, who didn't even knew it was an unofficial filming of his final performance... This I would like to thank Nigel n Sony Pictures for the invitation.

I've shown it before, and I'm showing it again...
Those colors had their reasons, because the show itself was meaningful...

Michael gave his very best effort into putting a great show. He spent hours and hours choreographing and rehearsing every single part - from dancing & singing to how the lighting, sound and special effects should be. He is truly passionate on what he set his mind to doing. I felt that strong enthusiasm from him.

For the first time in my life...
After the show ended,
I've saw an entire movie hall of audience who sat so still
watching the credits playing on screen...
Some stayed till after the credits! Wicked!

Not only that,
during the show, my legs were practically
dancing themselves, as if his music guided them to the beats...

I saw people applauded to the show...
Going "Wooohoooo... AWESOME THING!!"

Honestly, there's no regrets in buying This Is It
on CDs or DVDs...
You'll love it! =)

For that I strongly believe, Michael, you will always be in our hearts, for everytime your song is played, your spirit and passion surrounds us. I may not be a huge fan of yours, but I'm glad you were around even though it wasn't that all blissful to you. You changed many lives around, and given many hopes to people and motivate them with burning drive. Thanks. *smiles*

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