Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taking a Break.... Up!

Sounded wrong there? I intended it to be so... =) Am gonna be out of town (outstation) for the next four days, with Shaz and cousin, Jon. Heading out for a fun-filled trip with excitement (hopefully) while on a journey to seek for food and places for snappy moments.

It's Penang, again!
but we'll be stopping by Ipoh on the way... =)

So yeah, will catch ya back when I'm back, on Thursday. Oh by the way, for most of my friends, yesterday was kinda the last outing as a big group 'cause soon I'll be busy(later on might even start MIA-ing a whole lot). *hugs* Someone told me "But but but, I didn't get to say goodbye". Well one reason was 'cause I don't like 'Goodbyes', and another is that I'm still around, but won't be hanging out often... =)


  1. Fast! I wanna see pictures of PENANG!

  2. @Millymin
    Haha.. the others also haven't gone near processing or sorting the pictures.. =) Wait ya, will try my best to quickly post them up!