Sunday, October 04, 2009

Genting Trip with 7 Wonders.. =)

The 23rd of Septembers marks a beautiful bonding of friendship amongst 7 people... People who only knew each other by name, and some of us, who only got to know of each other on that day itself - these people became friends, good friends and then close friends...

So who were these 7 people-turned-friends?

Jeremy (center), Alex (bottom left), Jacquelyn (top left),
Jeffro (top), Seraphsam (top right), Amanda (bottom right), Xiang (bottom)

It was suppose to be more than 7 of us initially, but many ditched us last minute. But it was alright, cause FUN never left us anyways.. Teehee *grins* So the trip started off early, but our journey of fun only started by noon or so, because Amanda and Jeremy came up late.. Guess what, from a day trip in Genting, it turned out to be a night over there. So mean time waiting for them to arrive, the remaining us went to check out the available rooms at any place, but to no avail, there was none open for us. We had to rely on Jacquelyn's aunty in order to get ourselves a room. Otherwise, we'd be spending a night in the car, or at the lobby. LOL.

Xiang, Jacquelyn and Sam

We do what we do best, be ourselves and have pichas taken! =)

This is us at lunch at Old Town's while waiting for the other 2 to arrive

This is the VIEW from our room - the World Club baby!
More on the room later.

Now back to the story!

Once everyone arrived, then only we started planning our day's excavation. Haha. Wanted to go for theme park, but seeing there was so many people, we decided to skip it. And so we decided and went on rock climbing. *grins*

This kid was hoping for an upskirt?
Fat hopes la kid, go back home and watch TV k?
*kicks butt*

I was helping out amanda with her climbing equipment - harness

Alex's not in the picture here, cause he's the one taking them..

Alright since you guys miss him alot, here's a picture of him

Some video of them.. =P

Right after that, we went for a short game of pool, while waiting for our room to be ready. About an hour or so of pool, and getting pwned by Sam... *sigh* our room was ready for us to check in. Hehe. And so we all headed to the room... Ahhh, now this is where our bedroom (LOL there's no bedtime yet) story begins.

Camwhored in the bathroom!
7 of us with light, and 7 of us with darkness.. =P

And there was "beating your arse up", "humping on from behind",
and "chew your arse!"
A bunch of crazy whacky us! Teehee...

and then there was poker!
i think it's a tradition for any group outing..

Oh well, we like cards!

I decided to give a new try...
The emo shots!

[left] im alone even when things are bright..
[right] leave me alone.. it's me against the world...

When night falls, right after dinner...

Sam got hyped, started climbing around..
Which made a few of us wanna try out too!

Then we did lotsa jumping around on the streets..
Oh by the way, look on the right picture,
you'll see a random stranger jumping with us,
he's behind the two girls in the middle.. O_O
Damn cun right?!

We tried out but i think kinda failed, but still was fun! =)

Check out Jeremy! Wootza!

Sam's try out!

[left] Xiang's try out!
[right] random pose between Sam and Amanda

Then back at the room!

I borrowed Alex's camera and took this shot
"The night at Genting"

And then there was booze~~
Apparently Sam brought along bacardi *winks*

We're looking tipsy, after half an hour of drinking along with Alex
We finished half a bottle of bacardi in half an hour..
But we're all alright.. =P

errr.. it's nothing really.. just water from the heater..

Then hang out at Starbucks... where
some of us we're surfing the net...
How? Jeremy brought his laptop!

Then suddenly this lil' cute one popped out of no where
and was having fun with us by running around and play hide and seek.

I tried making faces to scare her...
but she thought I had facial problems and decided to help me out..
by stretching my face more.. (=.=")

The night was great, went back to the room after all the actions and stuffs on the outside, played a lil card game and drank more... And then everyone was tired, and decided to sleep.. I was like "What the hell? So rare to be out, and you guys wanna sleep already?" and so I went hero, I was awake the whole night, had 2 early breakfast as well.. Even when I was back at the room, they were still sleeping.. What pigs?! *Grins*

A picture of the gang sleeping..

here's me! =P

Again I borrowed Alex's camera and I shot this...
"Morning at Genting"

When everyone woke up!

All 7 of us in bed! Mmmmm...

...No comment...

[left] Im exhausted... =P
[right] 7 of us.. where's the other one? the one taking the picture!
All these taken before we left the room...

After check out and on the way down!

We had our lunch at a restaurant down at Gohtong Jaya...

And right after that we went a few shops away, to us some

and got ourselves some durian ice cream! Wootza! =D
and some of us packed back some durian tarts and durian bombs..
AWESOME THING I tell ya, my family finished it so quickly..
I only managed to help myself to a durian tart, and then it was all gone..

And so that ends the Genting Trip..
That's all from me on that..

I'll leave ya with a picture of the sky I taken on the way back to KL.
Have a great day yal!

Note: Credits goes to the first 5 pictures that belong to Xiang, and the remaining pictures are from Alex...


  1. Looks like lotsa fun!!! I wan the ice cream!!!

  2. @WenPink:
    Wootza! Heyya!! *hugs* Ice cream?! JOM! =D

  3. This trip wouldnt be successful w/o your planning! thanks jeffro!

  4. @Jacquelyn:
    hahaha.. nah, it was all thanks to you guys.. for being so spontaneous and fun! =D

  5. @Angel:
    it was... u didnt joined us.. =(

  6. @Angel:
    Hehehe.. Wootza! I added those comments to make it funnier.. =P

  7. haha..
    genting is cool!
    if i have the chance, i'll visit the place!
    and nice jump shots! =D

  8. It is absolutely highest fun rating at highest point in Genting...Wow!
    Great that you all have fun to the max and wall climbing too. Keep it up.
    Nang some nuff here :)

    Do drop by when u r online. Tks!

  9. @kenwooi:
    yeah! it's awesome! =D
    U must go there sometime..
    it's a place to chill out! thanks for the compliment.. =)

    Hehe.. alright.. will do, thanks ya! =D

  10. Wah! So song eh! So many jumps! lol!

  11. @Joshua: yah mah.. we went random and decided to do jumps.. Wootza! :D

  12. wheeee finally! lol ur post is up

    lol my video of rock climbing...wtff hhaaaa

  13. wow,,,i like genting so much dude,,,,!! nice one!!

    *amanda sleeping with jeremy weh!*

  15. @Sam:
    hahaha.. yeah.. Awesome or not? =P

    Haha.. u should go there sometime soon! =D it's great!

    ROFL! Nice kan? =P
    They are? No comments.. Hehehe.. xD

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