Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time Out, Luck Out, WHITE OUT!

Yesterday, I had another spontaneous outing... Received a last minute (or more specifically 2 hours in advance) invitation for a movie screening of White Out at 9PM Cineleisure, say roughly around 7PM. Without much time to think whether or not to go, I said yes in just 10 minutes. Quick shower, changed, and scooted off to Cineleisure.

So I reached there, close to 8pm, adding up the traffic jam time and all, it was about there. I skipped dinner at home, for it too... *sigh* So....

Went around looking for food..
Sushi King was too packed, because of the promotional hour...

Wanted to eat the Swiss meatballs at Ikea..
Dang, they were closed for an annual dinner...
Gosh, I rushed all the way there for nuts.. (=.=")

Alas, I had no choice but to resort back to McD's...
Like I always say, "If all plans for dinner fails, there's always McD's"

And so, I made my order.
Only to find out that.....

Can you guess, whether this is a McChicken Burger or Chicken Burger?

which is identical in size and taste as the McChicken...
But in different wrapping.. WTF

A normal McValue meal of McChicken would cost
more than RM10 (regular only)

But I ordered separately,
A Chicken Burger...
1 Large Fries...
A Regular Coke...
(who needs large, when you can refill a regular? xD)
for only RM9.60 (less than RM10)

Save money weih!
[yes I know I damn kiamsiap (translate: stingy) =P]


Chill chill...
Okays, I have some random facts for you...
But before that,
Let me ask you something:

When was the last time you took a look
at the nutritional information on the McD's handout?

I know I did! *scoffs* Do you?

Alright, so here's the random facts:

Did you know that Sprite contains more energy/kCalory
than coke, by a value of 3-5?
(depending on the quantity - small, regular, large)

Did you know that consuming small fries is equivalent, if not
almost the same as drinking 1 large Sprite?

Wootza... Order more coke, lesser calories weih... =P
And can still fill up the stomach... LOL

Upon reading the information, a kind stranger came up to me, asking me a question:
"Would you like to watch a movie, called Whiteout?"
I was like huh? I'm gonna watch it later, but I didn't tell her..
Instead I said, "Sure! Thanks!"

A ticket!

Instantly I messaged Alex, and he brought along Xiang...
(oh I had another extra ticket with me, so that makes 2)
Super spontaneous, no?

Okay, 'nuff of these... Hahaha..
What about the movie?

I'd say the movie was alright, good effects...
Was a lil' eeky and gross, but good...
Though, I must say, even though you miss out on this movie,
it's nothing much, you don't lose out any excitement...


  1. U was there? OMG! Didn't see you geh!

  2. Hahaha... cool cool... good for ya... managed to get tickets... i din get it la... So sad wei...
    Btw, nanged ya post and also clicked on ya ads oredi... ^^

  3. @Joshua:
    You went for nuffnang, I went for CinemaOnline screening.. So yeah, I wasn't there at all.. =)

    Haha.. Lucky I guess, got it last minute from friend... Thanks pal! That's a great favor.. =) No worries, you'll get the tix the next time around ya! Continue trying.. =)

  4. i watched The Law of Abiding Citizen Premiere Screening yesterday (20/10).It really a good movie (like kind of movie :The Inside Man,The Bourne...).I will write a review about it tomorrow

  5. @Eyriqazz:
    awesome.. I wud like to c dat show too sometime later.. :) hehehe.. Thanks for the info!