Thursday, October 08, 2009

An Outing with The Bloggers

Two Saturday's ago, AngelKein and Amanda held an outing for the bloggers at Sunway Pyramid... Purpose? Fun and catching up. Me? I was of course invited, in fact, many days in advance.. Words spread out, and then it was the Saturday of 27th of September, where the people meet... =)

The landmark of Sunway Pyramid

So striking the first thoughts in any outing is
"Where to have our meals?!"
(in this case, it's our lunch)

Yeapz.. The choice this time around was
Carl's Junior!

The group! =D
Jeremy, Amanda, Kai Chi, Sam, Evelyn, Bernard, Jonathan,
Xiang, Xiang's friend, Jamie, Angel and Me!

Then Jeremy showed me his cracked fish eye lens...
OMG it kinda pierce my heart just looking at it...
Dang... But it still works fine though..
Will show ya in a bit.. =)

So what's after lunch??
Now here's a big hassle when things are undecided at first...
"So what's next?"
The usual question...
I'd say let's go with the heart, What do you want to do?

It was sunway pyramid, what's the main attraction?
Ice skating! =)
But it was only Jamie, Sam and Me~~
Cause the rest bailed out on us... (=.=")

"Where were they?"

At Asia Avenue arcade center....
In which we later joined them, to witness
a battle between Jess (who came late) and Sam (man he has a
heck of a stamina) at DDR

After a few rounds, they were out flat..
Out of breath, sweaty, exhausted and felt a great sense of fulfillment..
Hahaha.. A great workout though...

Then Sam did the Para-Para Paradise.. =P

Had dinner at Hot Piper's...
I must say the cakes there are delicious~~ =D

So that concludes what we did that Saturday outing...
I'd say it was fun, but could have been better... =P

Anyways, That's all from me!
I'll continue having my booze now..
Thanks to Xiang and Sam..


Before ending,
Here's a picture of us, with the fish eye lens...

Thanks to AngelKein for the upload
and credits to Jeremy for the picture...


  1. how i wish i noe u all earlier... then can tag along.. i noe xiang earlier.. he tak ajak me :( LOL!

  2. @Yu Liang:
    hahaha.. well it's still not too late.. =) there's alwez time ma...

    even i know them earlier, i hardly go out with them.. except lately, coz im free now.. =D

  3. being a blogger also happening wor.. haha.. should join u guys more... (if got the chance) =)

  4. @jensen:
    well dun worry, be posted up with me.. i do it by twitter normally, informing of any outing.. =) unless im not allowed too.. sure there's plenty of chance.. if you hear of any outing, feel free to tag along, dun be shy.. =)

  5. Great outing! How I wish can join you all for the fun...LOL
    Anyway, I'm too old for that :)
    Having great $mile on McD here..
    Do drop by when u r online, cheers!

  6. @iriene:
    Thanks! R u from around?
    Well u can alwez join us.. like seriously, it'd be great to know a new friend.. No one's too old to go out with a bunch of friends.. *winks*