Saturday, October 17, 2009

Xiang's New Body and Eyes!

Yeaps today I went out with Xiang, to accompany him while guiding a little on his new camera. It started out from morning, and then the hunting went on till evening, where we joined a bunch of friends for dinner at Sushi Zanmai, and then supper at Snowflakes (a good place for desserts though).

So what's the camera?

Sony Alpha 550!
(check out the review of SA550 on DPreview)

By the time we had all the needed parts and accessories for the camera, it was already evening, so we decided to stop by a herbal shop as Xiang's throat was rather soring and dry from the hunting...

So I told him, "Let's Shoot Your New Baby!"
and now...

Gonna show you more shots of the camera itself
from different angles.

When's everything's in box

Had to get the kit lens separately as they are not sold in package
Got the flash as well, an amateur level flash =)

When the whole set is unpacked (separately)

A tilted angle..

Xiang took some shots of his own...

The flash's interface

Some close-ups of Sony Alpha 550

After the shooting, it was already time for dinner, we headed to Sushi Zanmai, where there was a long queue. 30 minutes of waiting, and that's where we finally got our seat.

Front of Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens
The good friends - Jacquelyn and Xiang

There wasn't a picture of all of us there (apologies for that)
So who were there?
Jacquelyn, Xiang, Alex, Me, Michelle (first time meeting her, she's nice!)
and Shaz (SUPER LATE!)

Michelle with phone..

But what I could show you is these...

unfortunately there were too many of them,
I couldn't remember the names..
(seriously I'm bad with names, unless I personally know it/them)

But one thing I could say about them all...
I wanna have more, but I couldn't afford them.. T_T

Last but not least, Here's a VERY VERY HAPPY dude!
Congratz on your new baby!

So that's all from today's outing..
Jeffro bidding yal good nite' !

Leave ya with a shot I took on the way to Snowflakes!
Go figure out where I got this..
Hint: Was taken in Sushi Zanmai...


  1. I knowwww! Am I allowd to guess too? =p

  2. @Jacquelyn:
    hahaha.. But cha already know.. so guessing would be redundant? LOL :P

  3. nice!
    but i always prefer canon cameras =)

  4. @Kenwooi:
    Haha.. yeah.. Canon's part are easy to get.. =D

  5. Nice nice!! mouth watering dishes!! xiang so kaya dah

  6. @Hitomi:
    yesh! it's really appetizing.. =P
    hahaha.. he was kaya.. buy ady, poor liao.. LOL

  7. Jeffarooo :(
    u love me right?
    get me one pleaseeee.
    pleaseee dadddy

  8. @Angel:
    awwwwh... I love you as alwez...
    But will consider that offer, when you're much older.. *winks*

  9. true true, camera costs a bomb!!

  10. @Hitomi:
    yeah.. I wished I had some "bomb" now.. :P