Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pui Yeng's Birthday

On the 22nd of September 2009, I met a new friend and who is this friend? Her name's Pui Yeng and by chance, that day itself was her the eve of her birthday... =D Since most of us wouldn't be around to celebrate her actually birthday, Alex and I decided to give her a surprise. It was rather a spontaneous thing, but yeah, we did it!

The birthday girl, showing that she's rather excited about the night!

Well, we picked her up after her working hours, and headed off to snowflakes where Alex and I had our very own surprise for her.. *grins*

Candles in her bowl of dessert from Snowflakes!

For the first time in my life, I sang a birthday song
along with me playing the guitar...
Turned out alright..
Not too shabby for a guy who learnt it in 15 minutes..

No this wasn't because of my guitar nor singing..
that i can assure you (eh I not bad wan ok? =P)
So to my surprise, this girl is really afraid of
stories that involves ghost and hauntings..

I merely mentioned the word ghost.. like "Ghos...."
and she went screaming away trying to distract herself
from hearing any further.. LOL!
She said, if you don't believe in them, they'll come after you...
Superstitious or scared-cat/chicken?

We were there until it closed,
wasn't much, but I think we had fun!
And I do hope she enjoyed her birthday =)

Alright that's all on Pui Yeng's birthday!
Hmm.. now would be me saying, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PUI YENG!


  1. O.o I suddenly feel lik going to ur blog den i saw my name O.o
    I'm scared by ur guitar okay. not stories. =p no no no. I'm not scared. LOLOLOLOL! =X

  2. @PuiYeng:
    hahaha.. yes yes.. my 'guitar' is very scary.. =P well hope u had an enjoyable time back then.. =D