Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dinner @ Nippy Noodle Restaurant

After helping out with Jamie on her revision, it was already time for dinner. Went back home to pick up mum and sis, and then we wondered where to have dinner. So I thought of going to an area to dine, a place where I did not try before - In Kuchai Lama, Entrepreneurs Park.

Nippy Noodle Restaurant...
Hand made noodles using bamboo...

In that restaurant there's a room where the employee(s)
demonstrate how the noodles are made...

The inside view of the restaurant...

There's also the steps on how the noodles are made...
Step by step guide, in English and Chinese...

Soon it was time to place our order for food!

[left] Mum and sis ordered the Pink Guava juice
(juice was concentrated, and tasted good!)
[right] I ordered Ice Cream Soda

[left] Sis order the Wanton Bamboo Noodle
The wanton's fillings was nice =)

[right] I ordered the Mixed of BBQ Sliced Pork and Pork Sausage
Bamboo Noodle
The noodles was good to me...
The meats were great in taste =D

[left] Mum ordered Farm Chicken Bamboo Noodle
Mum said it was okay, chicken quite nice =)

[right] I ordered a bowl of Prawn Wantons
Soup was just nice... sufficient in taste
And the prawn wantons taste good =D

The food's good, for affordable price...
Nice and warm environment...
However, the portion's wasn't enough for me...
Quite small I'd say...

But it's alright...
For its taste and environment... It's good =)

No 25 Jalan Kuchai Maju 7, Entrepreneurs Park Off Jalan Kuchai Lama


  1. Woots! I have blog post bout this restaurant too!

  2. @Joshua:
    Ooo you did? How did you find it back then?

  3. The noodles is god damn nice but the char siew abit disappointed.

  4. @Joshua:
    Yeah weih.. but I do like the combination though.. is good.. char siew ok ok only.. Hope they'll better it though..