Monday, October 12, 2009

Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash (DUBB) @ BarCelona

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for the late write up on the event itself (not only to you, but to myself, I've been lagging so much lately *sad*) Just to remind myself and anyone who's reading this, the Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash took place at BarCelona, Sunway from 8pm till late. It was held to celebrate the birthdays of October, November and December babies..

Heck, Imma OcVemBer baby! Borned of 3 months... =P

Alright, lame jokes aside.. Let's see how the evening fair, aite?
Pichas pls!

Nope, this is not where the event was..
This was where we gathered, before entering BarCelona.. =)
To celebrate Jackie's Birthday!
His 21st Birthday, Wootza!

After the short celebration,
a handful of us when to Asia Avenue, and do some "warm up"
[left] Jeremy vs Sam on DDR
(Jess was the audience?)
[right] YingZi pro-dancing at ParaParaParadise

Jess attracted to this small little kid, who's attracted to her
watching her play DDR
(how interesting was it? watch the video later on)

Here's a video of Jess and Vic doing the DDR

Alright enough of that,
Let's Go to the Event!

Everyone gathered in front of BarCelona club,
catching up first before going in...
Some were signing/registering themselves up for it

In the club~!

There was a pretty exciting opening for the event itself...
And later on, continued by our MC Liang and HunnyMadu
Check out the following video to witness the wicked opening..

People there were into it..

These few in the front line, kinda amused by the performance.. =D

It might not be true for many,
But I kinda find the following videos,
not too long from here..
TO BE THE HIGHLIGHT of the night.. =P

So what's these two doing up?
hey isn't that Sebastian? =P

What are they doing?
Hehehe.. See for yourself..

And then....

After that...

Then, the Digi dudes came in to party well,
shaking like there was no tomorrow... =D

Wootza! Imma in the picture!

I got some action too...
Represent Jacquelyn to go on stage,
and participated a guessing game.. of a number
between 1 to 100,
I guess wrongly... the actual number is shown on the [right]
No luck weih.. =(

The party went on and on...
[left] Even an aunty was dancing and shaking booty!
Who said the elder ones are out?

[right] Then there was group performance, this group
was called Friendz.

After the event, we all headed out to Asia Cafe (Subang)
for Yamcha Session!

A group picture showing a bunch of us.. *grins*

And that's all from me,
am signing out bidding yal a good night!

Hope you enjoy the videos.. =D

Note: I did not cover the entire event. Whatever you witness here, is only from what I managed to capture. =)


  1. lol i beh tahan my dancing dei lol
    damn wtf dei lol

  2. @Seraph:
    hahaha.. Like it right? =P