Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybelline @ MOS - Simply Fabulous

Wednesday, October 16th was the Grand Finale of Simply Fabulous and I was invited as a guest of a contest winner (Victoria) to witness the event, and thanks to Suresh for the transport. Will not take more of anyone's time, as I will directly showcase to you the moments that were taken during the night.

Simply Fabulous at Ministry of Sound (Euphoria)

From the side of the stage...
Within the crowd

Hosts, Henry Golding and Sarah Lian

Judges/Juries who would be questioning the contestants

The contestants and crowds

And thanks to the lighting that night

I could see, from afar, what others saw...

A lil' further from the stages I saw them capturing moments of the night..
JessicaTan, DustyHawk, Howie

The contestants were looking at the season recap screenings...

And that moment, I looked around, and spotted
a few more familiar faces
ChrisThoo & PinkPorkChop (with cameras)
Jess (bottom)

Then, there was the performance of James Baum...
Man it was good!

James Baum and his peeps!

One more shot!

PinkPorkChop was diligently snapping at different angles..

After James Baum's, it was time for
Levi's Fall Winter 2009 Collection Fashion Show
(Apologies, as I did not follow up with the entire event,
that I do not recall who is who)

Here's the name who were on the runway that night:
Zhareen Anshary, Ng Bei Shan, Nik Syifa, Kimberly Cham, Nalinder Manoharan, Nurdiana, Callista, Susilawati, Steffanie Schubert, Preet Nithianantham.
(Top ten listed in 8TV's site)

Then, there was a short break...

and Guess what?

Shawn Lee's IN THE HOUSE!!
Malaysia's popular beatboxer!

He put on a really good show!
*thumbs up*

Bringing everyone under the same beat together...
"Left or right, you're going with the flow of ma' rhythm.."

Alright last picture of him.. =)

[left] Victoria was into him... *grins*
[right] Ladies in red that night, looking stunning alright...

Dusty is taking a rest...

Few random snaps
[left] center-side view
[right] the Kimberley supporters.. but errr..
maybe it's my fault, wrong timing i guess.. *shrugs*

And Finally,
The winner is...

Nalinder Manoharan

Hear/Watch the crowd cheer! =)
(in this case, SEE xD)

And close up of the judges/juries

Alright before I stop here,
Here's a last shot of the night...

The colorful night...

With audio sounds coming from the
Martin Audio's speakers..

Alright, Jeffro's leaving the building!
Over and out~


  1. Didn't know you go to Simply Fabulous event. I planned to go there too, supporting my friend but something went wrong that day. sigh.. :(

    Good day!

  2. @kenwooi:
    Hehe.. thanks! =)
    but I still think it could be better though.. =)

    awwh... no worries, sometimes it's just bad timing you know.. but i do hope everything is alright with you now.. Don't let it get you down okay? *hugs*

  3. Not bad the photos... pretty nice... XD

  4. @Kennee:
    thanks! =D My pro photographer friend said it was kinda good too.. =D hehehe..

  5. "PinkPorkChop was diligently snapping at different angles" HAhahaha

  6. @Pork Chop:
    hehehe.. correct right? :D