Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home-made Dinner...

Mum knows that I'm not gonna be around for the next 4 days, so she decided to cook dinner - the Taiwanese style (Big portion, clear and delicious). Nice!

Check it out! =D

Love ya mum! *hugs*


  1. I spotted a big big big drum stick!!!!!

  2. @Xiang:
    LOL.. Super big weih! =D

  3. GOSH WHY IS THE DRUMSTICK SO BIG!? must be a big huge ass chicken!! LOL! ur mom is so sweet! u r only going to be away for 4 days and she cooked u a HUGE drumstick! i'm gonna be away for 3 months n my mom didnt cook me anything.. :P shh don tell her this!

  4. wah!!! u make me hungry adi!!!!!

  5. eh...? i tot i left u comment? u didnt approve it? :(

  6. @wenpink:
    hahaha.. coz my mum bought BIG drumstick for me? *big grins* hehehe.. LOL! Tell ur mum then u know... :P

    Hehehe.. Yes! I intended to.. :D

    I was away for the 4 days ma, so couldn't approve until today.. :) Smile ler.. :)