Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hanging Out at SkyTrex

Back 3 weeks ago, I joined William on an adventure trip that is held in mid-air, Big Thrill SkyTrex at Taman Pertanian Malaysia. SkyTrex is a rather well known sports now, and how well known is it? We'd to book 2 months before just to get a spot for us that day.

So here's a lil view on the place...
While we head down to the hut to register ourselves,
and get our gears..

That's me! LOL

A few of us at the hut (after registration)
On the right is Mr. William Soo =)

The peeps getting geared up with their harnesses

"Ooo What's that dangling around?"

Once geared up, we head to the early part of the forest
where we were briefed about the rules and safety points...

Also we were taught how to handle the equipment on hand
The carry-binder, pulley and lanyards

Left is our instructor for the session.
Right is a rope that we'll soon see and use during the adventure..

Close up on the carry-binders

And this is how we swing and then catch the net
First off, bounce off the net upon hitting it the first time
It's to reduce impact, and allow us to grab it easily on the second time.

We had to look from both angles front and back
So we actually know what's going on...

Right after the briefing session, we had the traditional
"SNAP A PICTURE Together" time =P

Jeannie (Jamie's Sister), Some dude, Sebastian(background)
and Suresh (foreground)

Then Aaron came in just in time... to join us..
But since he missed the group briefing session,
he had to be quickly briefed alone with the instructor...

And then it was time for training session...
Where we newbies get to try out first, some simple obstacles..
and to see whether or not we could apply what we had just learnt earlier..

We all took turns to go through the obstacles, one by one...
We had to make sure that we were in the right position
and moving in the proper direction, with the proper movement...

Then it was time to start the actual adventure...
Enough of play time, now's the serious thing!

Haha.. I told William I had a up-pants look!
And Nooo, I did not do that to Jeannie...
Please, Imma civilized person.. =P

Somehow I saw William taking a shot from above..
He must had a GOOD ANGLE and VIEW of stuffs.. *grins*
Looking from above...

Aaron's pulling the support string,
as if he was raising the flag for Negaraku...

That's Jeannie walking on the suspension net...

Some shots whilst undergoing the adventure..

Honestly, I have fear of heights..
But I like to challenge myself to overcome this fear..
A wise man once said,
"If you can overcome that wall of fear, you'll see great views beyond the wall"
And yes I did... with
my legs shaking madly and sweat rolling down my head
as if I just came out from the shower...

The rest going through the various obstacle...
Personally I find the toughest obstacle was the one shown on the top...
Super hard to balance myself...

All of us did some struggling in order to complete each phase...
Unless you've done it before, you'd be having a jolly good time
figuring out your next move

There were some shortcuts, but we're all grown ups...
We could take a lil challenge here and there..
but Aaron said "I wanna put in cheat code can?"

Note: If you wanna bring something, bring a bottle of water...
Cause you'll be perspiring so badly, you'll almost dehydrate...
She's part of our group, and see how she gulps it down...
Way-ta-go girl!

And So this concludes the SkyTrex post...

Your's Truly is tired and needs to recuperate...
So check ya out soon!
*signs out*


  1. Went SkyTrex huh....a nice experience! =)

  2. it is way awesome! hahaa...i am yet to post mine too..haha... u went with bloggers?

  3. @Joshua:
    Yeapz.. Was a wonderful experience.. =D

    @Yu Liang:
    hahaha.. nope.. I went with my old friend and his friends.. =) More like i tagged along.. =D

  4. owh...icicic...coz i saw suresh there..kekek

  5. @Yu Liang:
    Oh, he, I and William same college.. and so happen they are bloggers too.. =D

  6. @misterdicious
    Hehe.. u should.. it's fun! =)

  7. i din say cheat code ok! I said GAMESHARK. lol

  8. I have a few friends who went a few months ago as well!
    Is there a "Hype" or some sort to do Skytrex lately? Lol =)

  9. Oi! Say no up pants but you went and take a pic of Jeannie on the suspension bridge HAHAHA you naughty boi!

    PS: You also took a pic from the top of the platform wut ;)

  10. @Mizzsharon:
    Hmmm.. i think the new excitement there would be the extreme challenge.. I'd say it's a get away from the city life... I like it alot! =D

    No wor, that's not an up pants of Jeannie man.. that's just back view of Jeannie LOL

    Hmm.. my reasons to take from the top was to see what you saw from there.. =P