Friday, October 23, 2009

Magical Halloween @ HELP University

Hey Hey Hey! Halloween's in town people, and Schmae aka ShengMae has invited me and you (my friends) to this once-a-life-time evening event! Hey it's gonna be fun! I'm trying to free myself up for that evening, SOoooo.. If you're free that evening, JOIN us to have a wondrous night! Teehee... Details are shown below...

HELP's Bachelor of Psychology Student Council in collaboration with Absolut Pitch proudly presents to you:

"A Magical Halloween" (Hogwarts Style)

Venue: Whole of HELP Main Block
Date: 29th October 2009
Time:7.30pm - 11.30pm
Entrance Fee: Rm13 (performance + haunted house)

We have:
1. An Instant Costume Tent
- Don't know what to wear, where to buy a costume or who to come as? Fear not. Absolut Pitch will be setting up a tent just for you with various costumes and props to purchase/rent on the night itself.

2. "Bwinks" and "Zoods"
- Ever wonder how strong is your stomach? We offer a variety of F&B ala Halloween style.

3. Haunted House (Harry Potter Style)
The whole of HELP's Main Block 1km trail will be converted into our very own Haunted House! Come and you might meet your favourite characters roaming around Diagon Alley.

4. Award for Best-Dressed
Get 'em creative juice working and come in your scariest/most creative costume. Get spotted and you may walk home with interesting prizes!

Invite your friends and come join this MAGICAL evening with us. :)

.....After all this only happens ONCE a year!

For more information about the event, contact:
Sam Kon
Hp: 017-3846010

For costumes, contact:
Hp: 014-6433401


  1. Wow, so happening!
    Hope you have a great time there!
    Done 'Digi' keep in touch!
    Have a nice weekend too :)

  2. o.O you are going? I heared about it from Jeremy but not sure want to go or not.LOL

  3. @iriene:
    Yeapz.. definitely some happening event over at HELP's... U joining? everyone's welcome to join in the fun! :)

    I most likely be going.. How about u? As for me, I just need to free up my schedule a bit.. :)

  4. Excellent blog and Halloween resource.

    Give me such inspiration.

    I fink Im doing a sexy Halloween thing this year, just looking at some sexy halloween costumes, thinking of a very adult themed party.

    Do you know of some good UK adult/sexy Halloween costume rental or suppliers would be good.


    Louise Lloyd

  5. @Louise:
    Glad u like it.. Errr thanks for the link?

    Btw, apologies as I do not know any Halloween costume rental out of Malaysia...

    But wish ya luck in finding a good one! =)