Friday, October 23, 2009

Back from Penang...

Went up to Penang last Monday to have one-of-the-most-amazing-times with Shaz and JonMing... Learned much more on places for food, and a few areas in photography. Sadly had to return home yesterday (guess good times are limited)... Though the whole trip wasn't really according to the initial plans we had in mind, but it turned out fine =D I'll try and track back my tweets and post them up shortly, to give ya some rough idea of what I'd been doing...

Oh yea, before I do anything else,
I'm going to quote JonMing on his words about the trip...

" This is the first time I'm feeling full almost at every hour... "

As for Shaz and I...
Well, we had an awesome time...
How sure was I about his thoughts?
'Cause he was Crraaaazzzzyy during the trip! =)

I love the trip...
And no worries, will try my best to sort out the pictures
and post them up soon.. *grins*



Day 1 - 19th Oct 09, Monday

(10.41am) 1st ipoh white coffee, roti telur n roti bakar.. *nom nom nom*

(11.33am) brunch at Foh San.. Dim sum, 1... 2... 3... =D

(3.07pm) officially in penang! Dang behind schedule.. @shazfx @jonming

(3.28pm) @shazfx Q:"y in penang i honk so much?" A:"coz imma honkie(hongkie) here" lame...

(5.05pm) wats 4 tea time? Pisang goreng, cekodok n ubi manis.. =D

(7.21pm) after shoppin, now havin a drink at gurney drive.. Thinkin of wat's next.. =D

Day 1 - 20th Oct 09, Tuesday

(12.09am) spend d MIDnite at hard rock hotel.. Gonna head out soon for supper ;-) Hehe..

(12.22am) We're going for some nasi kandar! @shazfx is speeding for food!! Hungry ppl on d move!!

(12.39am) @shazfx is high ady... "slowee... Slowler..." we: "slower la" =.="

(1.14am) Nasi kandar line clear... Gd news food's great! Bad news, over budget ady T_T

(1.21am) Wootza!!! Boss bagi diskaun... =)

(2.09am) Alright it's time for Jeffro to bid everyone goodnight!! Nite yo...

(11.44am) Gd morning world, from Penang! Still at hotel thinking of what to eat n where to go next...

(1.57pm) Started the day with tg bungah's best pisang goreng!! *nom nom nom*

(3.18pm) Lunch is nasi dalcha at kassim mustafa's... Next shopping!!!

(5.28pm) it's 5.30pm n im havin gelato italiano (whiskey cream) at maxim's cakes! Wootza!

(7.25pm) aiya... Today's plan abit fail, shop too long ady.. Now hungry.. =(

(8.04pm) Alright, after a nice cup of White coffee at Georgetown's, it's time to continue on our excavation!! =P

(10.24pm) tong yuen at McCalister Rd. for dessert.. If ya haven't try it, ya haven't had gd dessert yet.. *winks*

Day 1 - 21th Oct 09, Wednesday

(1.38am) its been a tiring day.. Even @shazfx who's been hyped all day is fast asleep now.. =) nitez yo..

(2.12am) @jonming n @shazfx asleep now but my eyes still wide open,how how how? A lil hungry now summore, adui...

(2.20am) Ahhh beh tahan ady, grabbed a cup of dessert... So now heading for bed... Toodles...

(10.05am) Dang we overslept again... Missed the freaking early breakfast.. @jonming says "tomoro laa... Zzz zzz"

(11.01am) Before heading off,im starting off the day wif d konyaku jelly we bought last night xD

(12.07pm) Believe it or not, our bfast starts at 12pm n it's raining T_T now... Heavily...

(1.17pm) i think my babyShanon needs 2 c 'doctor' ady.. Her vision is gettin darker n darker.. =(

(2.04pm) another round of gelatino italiano, this time its Toblerone Pregellone!

(3.30pm) Food plan abit weird, after bfast we had dessert, now going lunch.. After that got dessert... like evry meal got dessert... LoL

(3.57pm) fwah hving d most expensive char kuey teow at rm8.50 in restaurant heng kuat, penang.. But damn nice!

(4.11pm) Dang surrounded by iPhone users... I so wan one too... So convenient weih if I had one...

(5.28pm) Wootza @jonming sudah potong! anda sudah potong? Potong apa? Potong rambut (cut hair) xD

(6.33pm) Omg 2 desserts in a row, coconut jelly n famous apom! Penang Food-a-thon FTW!! Wootza.. Damn full now, skipping dinner weih... xD

(7.42pm) After a good few shots at Fort Cornwallis, we're heading back 2 hotel to clean up right before meeting up some new friends =D

(9.16pm) Alright nuff rest, time to head to sunset bistro to meet up wif the bunch =)

(11.41pm) wat r u doin @shazfx? "i'm adjustin d rubber.." LoL his cam lens got prob.. Oh sound so wrong.. xD

Day 1 - 22th Oct 09, Thursday

(12.35am) Going back 2 d hotel after celebrating bday wif fren - sponge bob cake for d 21 year old boy!! xD

(1.12am) It's 1.11 now n imma supa full n supa sleepy... Now wat I'm lacking is gd massage =P

(1.52am) Watching a super old show called Knight Rider while sipping away a cup of Arabic coffee... Mmmm... *grins*

(10.43am) Last day in Penang ady, last few places to go.. Sadly can't cover all d place.. Next time then =D

(1.05pm) buying some tau sar pneah for me family.. Gd price here!

(2.45pm) ok, 1 last stop before headin back 2 kl - queensbay mall.. ;-) then it'll b 'Bye Penang, Helo KL'

(7.20pm) Currently 144km from KL, gonna reach home soon =D

(10.22pm) Am back home! Home sweet Home! *sits on couch* ahhhhh.. twas a wonderful trip.. *smiles* Now it's time to rest me-self.. =)

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