Friday, October 30, 2009


Have been asked questions only to know that you've been answering them over and over again? Well I have, it's not that I'm finding it annoying or not, but having to repeat myself is rather tiring. Don't you think so? So I decided to answer a few people through this post. I'll provide this link to people who'd asked me the following in the future. =) I know, I know... Imma lazy guy. Yes I am! Teehee...

Why am I always busy?
Simple, it's cause there's many things to do,
and I've got bad timing-luck, hence I schedule things
accordingly and sequence, that when you look at it,
it's like I'm always packed. (Indeed I am)

What happens when I'm free? What do I do when I'm free
Ahhh, if only there was a moment I was truly free...
But nonetheless, when I have my own spare times,
I'd be playing games, watching TV, or finding friends...
Most of my time are divided to family and friends...

It seems like I spend a lot. Am I rich?
That answer is obviously no. It may seemed like I spend a lot.
But the fact is I don't spend that much, even going out,
I do watch my spending. Oh by the way, I work for my spending...
Every now and then when I get the chance doing part times...

How come I'm involved in this and that?
Simply because I have interest in this and that.
Also because there's a long story as to why I
even develop interest to those fields. But it's too boring
to talk about. I'll leave at, "I'm interested in all of them"

How I got into photography? Never heard of me saying it before?
Well, I like taking pictures since young. But never
had the chance to explore, due to financial problems in the
past. But even so, I do take pictures with an old Olympus of mine
which is rotting to nuts right now. Only recently I had gotten
the Powershot Canon S5 IS (a semi pro) to start off...
And that's what brought me officially into this field.

How come I didn't go for DSLR?
'Cause that was what I could afford buying. A DSLR
would cost 1.5 times the value of camera back then? I'd
put in more for the DSLR, if I didn't need to buy a
laptop as well (for college purposes). But I've learnt
a lot even though I'm using just a semi pro. Soon,
when I earn enough, I'll buy a DSLR, to better myself.

How do I cope up with everything?
Actually and honestly, I can hardly cope up, but I try my
best to do so. That's why I look so busy, 'cause whatever
I can't catch up, I put it to the following day or free slot...
Resulting in me being busy almost all the time. It's not
something to be proud of. I wished I was more organized
and had more endurance in life.

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