Friday, October 30, 2009

Back from Magical Halloween

Just came back from HELP University's Magical Halloween not too long ago. Thanks to Schmae *hugs* for the invitation and AbsolutPitch for the costume. *phew* Am tired and exhausted now. To those who may not know this, but I was the "Harry Potter" aka known (for tonight) as the Asian Harry Plopper. Why, how, huh? Well, I shall fill yal up on it later on... As I was performing earlier that night, pictures were taken by Alex. Only after the performance and wash up that I took up the camera (Schmae's D80)

Party was awesome... People looked great...
Though started off late, but everything was still organized and
went WELL without much problems at all...

All, if not, many who were there, said it was AWESOME!
especially the Haunted House...

Yeah, you wished you were there huh?
No worries, I've gotten the pictures from Alex,
So I'll post them up later on, so you won't miss out a thing.. =)

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