Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Xiang's Corner - BEST!

Last week, I got invited to try out Xiang's cooking. A one-in-a-million kinda chance where not only I get to chance to test out food cooked by a blogger cum new friend, but also learn how to do it too! What's better, is that it was for dinner, and that it was held after work. Wootza! Well, it wasn't just me, Jacquelyn and JackieLoi was invited too! =D

A lil' spoiler, on what I'll be eating!

So what's for dinner?
Home Made Black Pepper Chicken Chop!

And before I show you the food, I'd like to fill ya up on the process of making the fine-dine dish.. Teehee...

Prep and season the chicken parts...

Cut and prep the vegetables...
Unfreeze the french fries...
(better still if you can make your own)

Time to fry 'em all!

Upon completion of the frying...
Cook and gravy...
It's a special mix...
Not telling you what they are.. =P

While they were cooking what did we do?

We were offered these sinful foods...

Cooking's done... DINNER is SERVED!

The main dish...
It's so good, I had 2 plates full!

The ala carte

My recommendation:

A) [left] Enjoy the wonderful meal with a bunch of friends...

B) [right] Have a candlelight dinner with someone... =)

Dinner looks like this with the candle...
Tempting isn't it? =D

To add up into the evening is a wonderful view
of the sub-urban scenery

I had mine with Jacquelyn... Teehee...

A surprise add-on was the Tong Yuen dessert..
Awesome, no?

Get these @ Xiang's Corner!
"Best in Sri Petaling, Bukit Jalil, and some say Serdang!"

Don't miss out on this!


  1. OMG i wan the tong yuan :( i'm craving for it right now! cham!

  2. FERRERO ROCHE!! *goes crazy* LOL

  3. @WenPink:
    hehehe... I love TONG YUEN! =P
    I had mine.. I heard the tong yuen festival is in december.. BILA U BALIK?

    hehehe.. yeapz.. I had quite a bite there.. =P

  4. ahaaa Xiang can cook lol! join hospitality la bro! lol

  5. @Seraph:
    Yeapz! He can cook.. And he'd be doing good in hospitality.. =D When do I get to try your's man?? I wanna review on it too.. Call it the Seraphsam's Corner! =P