Friday, July 11, 2008

Arabian Celebration @ APIIT

Yesterday (and today), there's a display @ showcase of Arabian stuffs.. Something quite nice to look at, and different from the usual 4 walls that we see everyday. Instead of going to Arab to see some special items, well we got it all here at APIIT. There'll be a performance tonight at 7pm.. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make it.. *sigh* It's only RM15 though inclusive of some food and beverages..

A model of a camel

some stuffs displayed on the table

a guide on traveling in Syria

Japanese version

hand art @ Inai (Malay) or Mehendi (Indian)

one sample of the hand arts

Michelle got hers after waiting a while..

Michelle and Julian

Joey was fascinated, and got hers too!

This dude had to stop for me to snap a pic.. Hehe

someone demonstrating the lighting of the fragrance

Wish that is how my future house looks like.. Wootza!

Some kind of mask worn during celebrations

Other items on showcase.. feel free to touch them..
but if broken, considered sold at its price plus air tickets..
(people brought them, all the way from Arab what..)

She tried her best to amaze me..

Maybe rusty, but it's still sharp.. @.@

She took it away from me.. T_T

Picture with a guy in Arabic formal clothes

Me trying something new.. Wee!


Posters and pictures

People snapping pictures, posing with the Arabian guys..

I found a camel in college!
and I thought no animals were allowed.. =.="

one of the buildings in Arab is like this..

Anyone for a bite of Kurma? or at least that's the name that I was told of..

IDK what this is.. but who cares? LOL! :D

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