Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheer 08

Wootz! Today's kinda fun... Went to the Cheer 2008 at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil... However I was late, due to some stuffs which I had to do.. So couldn't meet up with BoonKheng.. Sorry dude, if you waited for me.. (T_T)

Enjoyed the whole event though I was there for the second half of the show.. Met Michelle and her family there.. Met Karena and another Michelle.. Then met Ewin, but only got to chat for a short while..

Cheer 08 was awesome, as it opened my eyes to what cheer-leading is all about:
  • The intensity
  • The passion
  • The strength
  • Dreams, hopes and goals
and etc..

So what were the results?

Galaxie Best Cheer Award

Best dress

Best make-up

Best supporters

Best newcomer

Teacher of the year
SMK Bandar Sri Damansara 1

Silkygirl Merit Award (no mark deduction)
Shirtliff (SBU)

Best showmanship award

Top 5
  • CHAMPION: Shirtliff
  • 1st runner-up: Dynamitez
  • 2nd runner-up: Stunners All-Boys
  • 4th place: Titans
  • 5th place: Xavier

There was some basketball game going on earlier

So many people outside stadium..

Michelle and me


More Humans!

Titan Fans

Niki Chong, nice to meet you again!

Wootz! Spot a mascot!

Another mascot running around

SBU psyched up!


panel judges + cameramen

one of my favorite host, Jian! :D

This dude here can seriously JUMP!
*salutes man!*

Adam performing towards the end..

X-plodetes (newcomer) were great too!
Look at them! Happy aren't they? Cause I was in the picture! NOT!

The all boys team - Stunners from Sri KDU

Best Cheer Squad, Vibrant, with me

Me with the Champions, SBU!
Congratz to them as they have made history!
They won 3 awards in Cheer 2008!
the prizes were amazingly SUPERB I tell you..
all of 'em got free full scholarship to study in Segi College (diploma/degree)!
OMG!! I wanna join Cheer la lidat!

All the ppl here were in pink!

The Charm Team members with me..
Seriously they were great weih, surpassed the rest!

I was there!

She couldn't recognize me.. She thought I was some whacko..
See the facial expressions?
(LoL She's so gonna get me for this)

Shh.. she dunno i snap this.. *kekekeke*

Ewin.. looking tired..

I like this slogan...


  1. i'm still wondering since when cheerleadings got guys

  2. LOL.. i myself was surprised too.. but the guys were equally good as well..

  3. yer.... i also wanna go!!!
    DOn't underestimate the all boys team ar... last year vulcans-all boys won number 4 as well.

  4. Quennie: You should have been there! they were great! The boys team are quite good! But this year's SBU was SUPERB! what a show!

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