Sunday, July 20, 2008


How many of you gotten spam from unknown people?
Well I opened my email, and found so many spams in my inbox..

First thought of it (if you're the naive type of people)

so many spamming letters in a day.. =.="

I opened a few to read them.. I know it's gonna be something stupid..
Wootz! People giving me free stuffs..

WoW! It's an event! Notice the RSVP??

Another email.. I know sharing is caring.. But this is crap..
Not only people wanna share with me the money,
they themselves share similar names?
Adams and Adama?
Coincidence? I think not..

Someone died.. Funny thing is there's no issues with inheritance..
Probably they are more civilized compared to the people who do?

I dunno, whatever it is..
Don't be dumb, people out there..
Like my mum and PamSong said:

There's NO FREE "MEALS" in the world!

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