Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boss Stewie's One Night Stand Stories

I'm pretty sure that most of yal will be eager to find out what Boss Stewie @ TimothyThia has been up to.. Well I read his blog a moment ago...

Apparently Boss Stewie visited his friend in Canada, by the name of Jeff.. LOL! No, not me, so happen he has the same nick like I do.. What? Common nicks la weih!

Ok ok back to the story: It wasn't Boss Stewie with the One Night Stand (ONS), rather it was Jeff! (and NO! It's not me! I'm a good and innocent guy) *sorry guys and gals, I've gonna disappoint you here*

From their conversation, Boss Stewie was the innocent guy, and Jeff was the one with actions. Jeff mentioned. Jeff's girls were from different parts of the world.. serious!

reminder: That Jeff *points up* is not this Jeff *points at myself*

here's the funny part.. he states that NONE of them were hot enough, including the fat one he banged.. Excuse for banging?

details @ here

The post was written to draw attention..
Check out what Boss Stewie did! LOL!
(sorry Boss, don't sack me) just a humor only.. nyek nyek :D

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