Friday, July 11, 2008

You sue me, I sue him

Have you read the papers today?
The part about police suing each other?
I thought papers weren't that interesting, until I read it today..

Case / Situation

It’s definitely not because of one did not do a good job..
But rather ONE did not receive enough (or anything) from the monthly bribe that they have collected... OMIGOSH!
Like that also can leave out one dude..
*strike #1*

What’s worse is, it’s a battle between the superiors and the subordinates! WTF?
I thought seniors are more experienced in it... Also fail..
*strike #2*

Lastly another offence done, a police selling off furniture to a dealer?
LOL! All the “duit kopi” (bribary) not enough ar?
Still want more?
*strike #3*

OUT! No wonder police forces are so weak…
They can’t even plan a proper bribery management!!

So much for the Anti-Rasuah tags we see on most police officers.. *hhmp!*
Already got so much worries among us, now we’re not even secured with giving them bribery.. (=.=”)

Boy, I wonder what's next to hear about?

Click here to read more about the case!


  1. yeap~
    ive read it...
    the police reveal their own stupid mistake...
    really dumb~

    the only agency u can trust nowadays (that is free from rasuah) is the Weather & Metereological Agency..^^...

  2. LOL! You're absolutely right! eh.. but wait.. weather agency u say? also cannot trust wan.. Bila kata nak hujan, panas gila.. bila kata panas sepanjang hari, hujan pulak..

    so no agency can be trusted now.. T_T Wuwuwuwuw..

  3. if taht one oso cannot be trusted than we cant trust any1 lowh~

    but actually, not ALL the police are infected wif the bribery virus. Got some (a few) police that are still dedicated out thar. But still, kerana satu titik nila, susu sebelanga rosak~..haha~

  4. Haha.. You got that right..
    Well even there's a few police who are clean.. We meet random cops down the street everyday.. We won't be able to know who they are.. *sigh*

    Can't trust cops...