Sunday, July 20, 2008

Private Structure @ Loft

Last Thursday went to Loft with Alex, Celine and Khairul for the Private Structure event...
I was double shocked that day! Though I did not express it out, but yeah I was indeed double shocked!

Shock #1: I gave my word to go out on that day,
and on that day itself I realized I had test the very next day.. O_O

Shock #2: When we were there, then only I was told that
it was a "most-guys" event!! O_O
I cant say the G word cause it might be offensive to others
(G word has the same meaning has Happy)

First club I went to, and it was this event o_O
Girls reading this.. You'll definitely love it..
Guys reading this, please do not pulverize me..

Reminder: I'm not associated with the G-word..
Never had been, never have been, never will be..

The runway stage

We were there way earlier than others..
Event started late.. Supposed to be at 9pm..
Alex and I still got a chance to have dinner before event starts

People start coming in..
This guy suddenly stares at me.. O_O

Not a jail, just a barrier between the bar and the toilet..

More people arrived.. but event did not start yet..

Had a cool idea, and took this!

Alright event's gonna kick off!

People surrounding the stage

underwear + sunglasses

underwear + afro

shorts + glasses

wearing casual

casual pose

This guy knows how to score chicks

Last pose!

Alright enough of 'em,
time to focus on others..

Frontline of Camera-attacks!

Hey Mr DJ!

Alex looks cool!

we 4 loft!

we 3 frenz!

**Pictures are courtesy of Alex's"

Was a nice event...
But next time can we go for an event associated with L-word?
Or some other events associated with the F-word?
LOL! F-word is not the F***
F-word is Fun la!
wakakakakaka! gotcha!
*lame, right?*

still the undefeated champion of the world,
Lame King

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