Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang's New Event @ CS 1.6 Competition

Wootza! Nuffnang's creativity really impresses me.. ^_^
This time they came up with stuffs for us gamers, the old school CounterStrike 1.6

Alright let's get straight to the point:

Nuffnang's looking for 8 teams,
each consisting of 4 guys and 1 girl
closing the registration on 11.59pm 10th of August 2008

Tournament Game : Counterstrike v1.6
Date : 16th of August 2008
Time : 10am till 6pm
Venue: Samsung Booth, Hall 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Cash prize of RM1,500 for team and,
Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB) each.

Other than the CS 1.6 Competition, guys+girls, you all can compete for best blogs:

Win Some Prizes from Samsung

The Funniest Entry
32″ LCD TV

The Most Creative Entry
Digital Still Camera NV24HD

Samsung Favourite Entry
Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-S5

Deadline for World Cyber Games Blog Contest:
11.59pm 14th of August 2008.

On top of that, there's a mini game challenge at Samsung WCG microsite.

Top Scorers get:
1st prize - Mobile Phone i550
2nd prize - Digital Still Camera i8
3rd prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB)
4th prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-T10 (2GB)
5th prize - MP3 Player YP-U3 (2GB)

So Check it out ya!


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