Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Math result released!

Haha, after the hard time revising and doing math practices (Very ma fan wan), sat for the freaking text and now, time to reveal what my efforts have done for me.. Kekeke XD

Unfortunately it wasn't the top.. out of 100, I only manage to score 97 79 only *sigh* T_T.. But what the heck right? It's still an A after all.. So I should be happy..

But that's not the lime light here... What's interesting would be as shown below:

The Question that gave us a had time during test...

Trust me, it involves calculation.. =.="

As usual, the Lame King as his own way of tackling this question!

Q: Who is the killer?
A: "C", adds "A killer never never says he is a killer"

SCORED! PWNED that question!

Don't you think it's as easy as drinking White Coffee?

If you said yes, I'll pounce you!

White coffee is not easy to drink..
Need to go to a good place to drink it..
drinking it requires patience and technique..



  1. Hey, jeff. The "IQ" quetsion is pretty interesting. I actually learned the similar thing in discrete math during my degree sem 1. But sadly,all the exam quetsions i got last time are very boring type...

  2. haha.. Nice ler? ^_^ btw it was only a test for us... exam's nxt fri..

    dunno what to expect oso..