Thursday, July 10, 2008


A week ago, I was invited for a free dinner @ STEAMBOAT at my friend's place in conjunction with his mom's brithday.. Wootz! Food was great! Almost endless feeds.. *eyes pun terbeliak! (open brightly)*

look at the amount of food...

how many balls?

"STEAM" it kao kao

The host (mid guy)

Joey and Alfred

Jin Ming and Peter


Everyone digging in

Ate so much sia..

Look what I found??

he sees it, he wants it..

OMG! The cake!!

LOL, earlier was a decoy, this is the real one!
it's dark chocolate home baked by Ms Soh Bee Bee..

my friend, the host, Chris Soh with his lovely mom

Mama Soh with the rest of the gang

wtf?! Why suddenly the kid there naked?

Someone's feeling jealous..

Show off!

Just a random pic: saw him lying on the floor..

Thanks to Chris Soh for the wondrous invitation for a superb steamboat dinner!
Let's do it often man!

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