Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yesterday, accidentally slept early.. then woke up in the middle of the night.. was Internet surfing, "chat" with PamSong for a while.. Then went back to bed.. that was about 4am (no I was not on MSN, i find no purpose putting myself there, being online only for a short while)

Guess what time I woke up? 6PM sia! wootz! I guess I was over-exhausted throughout the nights where I spent my time on both studies (revisions) and surfing the net (while chatting a lil that is)..

I think I woke up cause I was hungry.. I could have slept till midnight comes, but I couldn't possibly fight the hunger I had inside.. Wake up only to know that there is no dinner around.. But my family had eaten.. =.="

Reason: "You slept like a pig! Call, SMS, alarm ring oso not happening"

I really was a pig at that time.. Haha!

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