Monday, July 28, 2008

A Gift for Kak Pam ^_^

For those who know the Butt Kicker, Pam Song, well you'll know why this gift is dedicated for her... Cheers! ^_^ Gua ada benda bagus kasi sama lu..

Seeing anyone with tears of sorrow and pain greatly saddens me, what more a fellow friend? So Pam Song, hope this gift will turn those tears of sorrow and pain into tears of joy and happiness...

I gotten the Trax Massage Lounger for Kak Pam

I happen to pick this up after seeing back on the Nuffnang's event.. seriously I haven't been updating myself well with 'em.. Skip that, SOoooo, what can this chair do?

It definitely looks cool! and has flexible adjustable angles for the postures... Ahh.. this would be perfect for Pam as she has trouble sleeping.. Not only this chair can ease her off the stress, but as it does its job, she can have comfortable sleep on it.. ^_^ No doubt, this would help her at least a little.. Hehehe xD