Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Oh Come On..

Guys! Ladies!

I'm in a contest... And I definitely wanna win...

Support me Pls??
I so despo, you can see what I did..

For those who are in support of Yours Truly,
Kindly let me know if you have pasted the icon (with my name)
[only those who haven't informed me, but have done it...]

I sincerely thank you..
and I really appreciate everyone's consideration..

VOTE me!

If I win, whoever support me, I blanja!
Sounds nice right?



  1. ok jeffrey, i'll give you a helping hand. but what should i do? and what kind of contest is that? dont get it well... sure you'll "belanja" ha...?

  2. Sure.. Just check out the link that I've provided.. it'll guide you on how to help out..

    if i win i blanja.. ^_^

  3. eh, why no cbox de... lol... wow... good luck? haha... hope u win... btw, i see ur armpit hair!!! ^-^ haha rofl

  4. haha...jeffro...
    i place the link at my sidebar edi...

    btw, i started blog in 2 languages which are English and Mandarin...

    lol....its look damn funny...
    and IT IS LAME!!!

  5. ok done. sidebar ya? it's ok, JANJI u win and belanja !!!

  6. LOL Michelle..
    i no cbox.. only SHOUTbox.. Hahaha..
    wootz.. OF the all banner, u only focus on armpit hair..

    boy my armpit really attracts ppl huh? LOL

    nways.. THX ALOT

    Thx! i will input ur name in my listing.. ^_^ thank you!!

    yay! another fren supporter! wee!! thank you!!