Monday, July 14, 2008

Freedom of Speech

Hey how many of you guys feels like you wanna voice out or speak or even shout out something about anything or anyone but can't do it because you're afraid that people might know who you are or that your rept might be fall off the edge because of it?

I know, even with the freedom to write out your own blogs with your personal opinions, some of you still don't feel secure about it, because someone reading it might know who you are, or you might have accidentally leaked out any information that may have alerted someone about it...

I'm planning to set up a site, not only for me, but for anyone who wants to put their heart out against the world they fear.. Here's the chance to do so.. You can write and stay anonymous, within the site, about anything you feel at all (apart from your personal sites - if you have).. The site would be like a freedom zone where anyone is welcome to write and comment on anything they want..

Would you be interested to join? Let me know if you're interested, details will be told later on... Just leave a comment, better still you can email me..

There's no obligations whatsoever, it's just something I thought to help out people especially the quite ones (silent voices) who wants to express their feelings, but afraid of being harmed in anyway..

Disclaimer: The availability of the site depends on the number of people. The site does have the potential to expand further, however there's no guarantee for it.

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