Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flashmob - RWP

Woke up late (my usual routine for a day of rest), and got myself ready for the RWP by RandomAlphabets. The event is called Read While Waiting Project or short RWP

It was cool! I head to Dang Wangi station to meet them @ 5pm. Supposingly to be the car park opposite the station, but it was drizzling, so changed the venue to the station itself. Had a short briefing, and decided to lay our "attack" at KLCC.. We were split into 4 teams, and my team headed there by feet.

Started our "assault" in KLCC after being given signal.. However, less than a minute, we had to retreat.. The "enemy" was too great.. Our commander stated that we should not make a big scene so that's why we had to pull back that time.. It was fun.. Well, some of us were questioned, and the reply given to the "enemy" was like this:

"Enemy":What are you doing here?
"Private@Frontline": Reading *while holding up the "weapon"*
"Enemy": Please, put it down.
"Private@Frontline": I'm reading here. *still holding up the "weapon"*
"Enemy": *calling for backup*
"Lieutenant": Let's go *signaling our retreat time*

That was how it went. So after that, we had to head to our "cool-off" point to re-gather the "troops". Then, had a short briefing to say notify us of the quite successful "bombardment" even though it was a short one..

*ps: no one was hurt in the event*

Pre-event start off..

See the commander (far left) ?

Random pictures as our journey began

Our destination

I got stuck halfway crossing the road...
*stunned as the car was speeding towards me*

That is we are and what we have

Touch down at place..

After finishing the "attack", we waited for the commander to arrive..
See the blue "weapons"?

LOL! Alright Alright.. Here's what it is.. As some of you might have guessed it already, it was an event to promote reading..

"Attack" @ "Assault" @ "Bombardment" - The event being carried out
"Enemy" - The security guards
"Private@Frontline" - Us
"Troops" - All of us
"Lieutenant" - The distractor
"Commander" - The head of the project @ Zain
"Cool-off point" - Meet up point after the event
"Weapons" - Our Banner which states out the letters:


Met lots of new friends... Do keep in touch and do take care ya!
See yal in the next Flashmob event!


  1. DUDE, you just promoted my pimple!! argh!
    *curses pimple*

    We should have kept on pretending to be stupid :p

  2. My bad dude, didn't thought it'd be that noticeable, will correct that soon.. ^^

    yea.. we should have..

  3. I spot myself there! :D

    It's actually the "Look Up More" project, to promote the "Read While Waiting Project". :)

  4. Haha.. Glad you're in the picture.. Actually most of my pictures were blurr *darn camera*

    Look Up More project? Yea.. the LUM.. XD thanks for the correction.. hehehe.. =D

  5. whoa~
    this is quite sumthing~..
    ader lagi ker this project going on?
    quite nice la~...

  6. yupz.. fun sia..
    ader lagi.. just go to to find out more..