Saturday, July 19, 2008


Waking up late, makes me really hungry.. But nothing to eat at home..
So, decided to go out and makan.. But only 2 hours after I woke up..
I went online first, Haha.. Crap right? But it's my habit, since I could even remember it..
but HOLY CRAP! Internet was blardie slow! I mean to the extent I could say eff-ing slow!
(will show ya later on what I mean.. dunno where in the world I saved the screen shot of it..)

Nways, back to the topic, I went out to eat.. thinking of going alone, then can cycle.. Wasting petrol if I were to drive right? But guess again.. I did not go alone.. My family tagged along too, saying that they need a drink.. =.=" My idea of saving petrol, did not worked out..

So went to the nearest mamak in my area.. Order a cheese naan with limau ais.. Actually dunno what else to order at the moment, I was darn hungry, and Cheese naan was on my head at that moment.. No I did not have any cheesy thoughts.. I was only HUNGRY..

Cheese Naan: I too hungry, had a bite first..
Limau Ais: No I did not arranged it that way..

That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner.. I call it Bruncher.. *lame*
Cause me freaking RM5.00 (excluding other drinks) =.=" Use to be about RM4 only..
Now... *sigh* "Thanks" to petrol increase by you know who..
And the Bruncher wasn't even nice! pfft!

End up, went back home, made myself a cup of coffee and ate biscuits.. T_T

I arranged the biscuits in such a way..
Nice to see, nice to eat.. Hehe
Smell of the coffee (though 3-in-1) soothes the "beast"

So hungry that I nearly finished up the whole packet of biscuits.. Luckily I stopped..
If not tomorrow night eat what?

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