Monday, July 28, 2008

Shocked!! O_O

Haihz.. Today is a real shocker for me...

  1. Suppose to wake up early, but end up waking up late..
    *Don't ask, cos yal know the answer*

  2. Hibernated my pc, hoping to see the continuation of my work,
    *Gahhrr!!* I think I must have shut down my pc the night before =.="

  3. Looked at the mirror, *Shocked myself*, rupa-rupanya,
    I hadn't shaved for almost a week, busy till forget.. =.="
    *no, I'm gonna put up that hideous picture*

  4. Checked SmashpOp's Contest, OMG! I was outnumbered!

    Still I'm gonna continue on! (Friends, please continue to support me!)

  5. Open Facebook to check, O_O , thought my connection lag or something went wrong,
    wanted to clicked "log out" only to find out it was "Back to use old Facebook".
    Realized, they trying to add new features and change their layout

    still, I dunno about you guys, I prefer the old one,
    looks easier for me..

    See how many Shocks I had today?? Today's really shocking... *sigh*

  6. OMG!! I'm suppose to have exam in practically 10hours from now!
    WTF am I doing here??!!

Today is a real shocker for me...


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