Saturday, July 05, 2008

The busy-week..

Now what was I so busy about during these few days or as some had asked, these 2 weeks? Well I live to tell you the story of what I've been up to... Feast your eyes ladies and gentlemen...

Ta-dah! This is my work.. *coughs* (sorry boss!)
Actually it's my group's work together..

just another few hundred of pages... LOL!

2 and 3 quarts of INCH-es!

Some of us were too tired, that they just lied anywhere they find comfortable..

Alan... "Pei yan pai siong toi".. LOL! Jk..
He was too tired.. Poor guy =(

Well, after work, rooms were all closed down, it was late,
we were so hungry, most eat out places were closed, so we head to McD's
24 hours what?

All mine!

MINE also!

What can you expect? I didn't have much for breakfast,
skipped lunch and dinner..

all for the assignments..

This was what that slowed us down



Showing my hub!

Joey's New hairdo!

NOW you know why?

Well luckily we had entertainments..
Appreciation day led to some performance by the music club in college.


Look at the crowd!

Well, lastly, I happen to see this fella lying some where...
So I quickly snap!

The kawaii devil!

Look at Evil... SEE The Devil...