Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nuffnang Movie Screening

Few days ago, my friend told me there is a new KOREAN movie, it has action with love and
romance as well. I was very enthusiastic to watch it, so I ask for the name.. when my friends told me the name... (it was pronounced in Cantonese btw)

My face became (=.=") *Za Dou* and started to (=.=!!!) *SWT!*
Guess what was the name of the show??

the show was HON-KOK!

Alright back to the original topic.. yesterday, went to see a movie screening by Nuffnang - Hancock. It was great! I give it a personal rating of 8/10 for a movie like this.

Went with Alex to Cineleisure @ Cathay after dinner around 8.30pm plus (was actually early for the movie). Screening was at 9.30pm, collection of tickets were at 9pm.. So what did we do there so early? Hah! Met some DGMB members there, saw some recognizable faces, and chat for a while..

Then, walked around, checking out some shops in Cineleisure.. After that, went to the entrance of the movie hall, and met Michelle and friend (sorry! I don't know how to spell her name) and snapped some pictures!

The Queuing part for tickets

here's us!

Us again!
*psst, she looks good eh?*

Dang.. I looked darn short here.. *sigh*
*picture courtesy of Michelle*

the banner!

There's Aaron, Joshua, Hwei Ming, and others
(I haven't got the chance to know them yet)

Picture from JoshuaOng

Karena and friend (also dunno who T_T) Zoe
*thanks to Tze Lih*


Pls Q...

People in the dark room!

Alex and Me!

at 9.30pm, all of us went in... The show begins.. Hancock the misunderstood superhero with a blurry past.. Seriously you'll find this movie a hilarious one, and will make you laugh for sure.. The one thing bad (not the movie though) was Malaysia's Censor Board are of bad quality.

In between the show:

"Ass****... ass****"

however, they did not censor the words:

"Cock, Cock, Cock..."

(I like the song, anyone knows where i can download it?)

John Hancock

Me LikeS:
  1. "HOMO in red.." + "Norwegian Homo"
  2. Quotes: "Call me an Ass****, ONE MORE TIME"
  3. Quotes: "GOOD JOB!"
  4. Quotes: "Do I have permission to touch you?"
  5. 9 Million USD damage
  6. COCK song

the storyline was good, giving the audience some suspense. The characters were well played, the effects are quite nice, however some familiar SFX like Spiderman3's.. However it was cool. The ending is good too. Overall from the beginning to the end, it was a great movie! Thanks Nuffnang!

Wanna know more? Go watch the movie!


  1. watch already loo.. i was there with you guys.. unfortunately i duno u guys..

  2. *awhh* no probs Baby.. Next time loo.. Ppl have been saying I'm easy to recognize.. so if u bump into me at anytime, feel free to say hi!

  3. Eiihh?
    Where am I? Can't see my face in the photos geh?


  4. Curryegg: LOL.. I was looking around for you.. but couldn't see u, wer were you hiding..

  5. OMG! No you most certainly do not look fat! You're not even fat in person..