Monday, July 21, 2008


Well first of all, I would like to congratz my sis for obtaining quite a good result for her pre-PMR test.. Of course, it wasn't the best, but it's still great! *Hugs*

However, I was quite furious.. No, not because of her results la.. =.="
But rather I was furious at her school (Sorry, I can't mentioned the name of the school, as to avoid myself from being sued of defamation)

You all know, someone's good job ought to be rewarded as a sense of motivation to the person for better work performance... Though some people get the idea, unfortunately they don't get the meaning of MOTIVATION and REWARD..

My sis received a mug and some incentive for her hard work and her good results..
That's ok right? But what if the mug is not bought or made by the school?

Look at the mug..

They gotten from a beach resort for free, and they gave it away from reward..

What kind of reward is this?
What kind of motivation you expect people to gain?
What kind of result at the end of the day would you expect in return?
Can you imagine, studying/working hard achieving good results,
and getting something like this?

No wonder some people nowadays are so unmotivated to put efforts into their work...
Schools also like that.. Pfft!



  1. good work.. great going.. visit mine…. link1

  2. Nah it won't land u in defamation suit, don't worry. As long as what you're saying is true, based on the mug, it is indeed not from ur sister's school. So yes, they're idiots. XD

  3. Praveenboss: Thx! *on the way to yours*

    Ceddy: Haha.. *pheww* Thx! I definitely say so too, they are IDIOTS! =P