Monday, July 07, 2008

Genting Part II

Alright as said and promised earlier, I will post up more of the pictures in Genting... Continuation from Genting Part I...

**********Some of the pictures taken earlier*********


Yee Fong on the Going-Up thingy
(forgot the name *paiseh*)

Cool Aaron..

Kettle pic!

Dinner time!

******This is some of personal favorite pictures..******

courtesy of Alex

Me with the Aaron's DSLR

I hear someone in need of my help!
Hold your horses.. I need to prepare myself

I'm going into nova speed


*********Back at the ROOM in Genting********

Yee Fong smelling his lucky card

Our game time!

OMG! I'm K***-ing Yee Fong.. WTF!

Now is Alex's turn

*Sitting on Floor LOL*

Alex <->Chung Lern

Don't you wish it was a blackjack game?

Always be happy

Ha! The king iz me!

*awwwh* 2 happy gays guys..

Alex and Me

Can you spot the Ace?

Chung Lern with bolster

******** In the morning before leaving ********

early morning..

James and Yee Fong hugging the wall

Shaolin move - the Flying Eagle

Shaolin move - the Crazy Monkey

Shaolin Move - the Jumping Crane

*pls don't tell the management about this ok?*

************LAST BUT NOT LEAST************

Siew Mei giving 2 thumbs up!

This is for the whole trip to Genting!

**most pictures are courtesy of Aaron Ho's Camera**


  1. that ride is called solero shot!
    and take down all the kissing photo that got me in it... i dont girl cry over it and said Alex is gay, no hope for them. LOL

  2. oh ya! thx for the reminder, hehehe..
    btw it was not intentional to have most of ur pic in wif the kissing posture.. but wth rite? hahaha.. these picture shows that you're uber sporting lor.. wakakakaka.. xD

  3. Alex looks like he's such a good kisser. LOL. XD

  4. Ola Jeff!!!

    I especially like the picture with the flying cards!!!

    Hahahaha very X-Men

  5. Celine:
    Maybe he is? LOL! I wouldn't know that..

    Hahaha.. Cool ei? I think so too! it's from a Canon EOS 30D (DSLR) :D