Saturday, July 05, 2008

"X-P-D-tion" with friends

Last Monday, my friends Celine and Alex invited me on an excursion around KL. LOL! Around KL? Might sound lame, as KL is not much to shout about for us Malaysians. However, we're gonna be walking around, just exploring KL, feeling the experiences of a being a foreigner for the first time in Malaysia. To my surprise, there were more than meets the eyes in KL. Some streets that we may not know of until we stumble upon it. On top of that, there were tasty foods in some streets!

Looks of Jalan Alor

Hot grilled fish

delicious oyster omelette

satay on sticks.. Love 'em!

after Beijing Olympics... NOT!

Hah! Caught you on cam!

Lonely.. He's Mr. Lonely..

Anything or whatever lor..

Don't you love flowers?

what's it gonna be?

boy, sure looks pretty darn old..


This is how petaling street looks at night

the other side of it

Whacky huh?

Then how about this?

Celine's pose..

our turn!

Wee!! =)


  1. Whoa! You guys post up the pics so fast. Hehe... By the way, I enjoyed that day walk. We shall do it again. Jeff, why don't you plan the next one instead. :)

  2. Hey, bila mau bagi aku you punya side punya pictures :S

  3. Celine:
    I felt guilty not posting much lately.. and so happen I found time to post it up.. LOL! Sure! Love to do that again.. Me planning? *scratches head* Am not good at planning.. I just follow and play along only *winks*

    Soon man.. Hopefully tonight.. Sorry for the long wait.. Will get back to you via sms.. Hehe..