Monday, July 28, 2008

A Gift for Kak Pam ^_^

For those who know the Butt Kicker, Pam Song, well you'll know why this gift is dedicated for her... Cheers! ^_^ Gua ada benda bagus kasi sama lu..

Seeing anyone with tears of sorrow and pain greatly saddens me, what more a fellow friend? So Pam Song, hope this gift will turn those tears of sorrow and pain into tears of joy and happiness...

I gotten the Trax Massage Lounger for Kak Pam

I happen to pick this up after seeing back on the Nuffnang's event.. seriously I haven't been updating myself well with 'em.. Skip that, SOoooo, what can this chair do?

It definitely looks cool! and has flexible adjustable angles for the postures... Ahh.. this would be perfect for Pam as she has trouble sleeping.. Not only this chair can ease her off the stress, but as it does its job, she can have comfortable sleep on it.. ^_^ No doubt, this would help her at least a little.. Hehehe xD

Shocked!! O_O

Haihz.. Today is a real shocker for me...

  1. Suppose to wake up early, but end up waking up late..
    *Don't ask, cos yal know the answer*

  2. Hibernated my pc, hoping to see the continuation of my work,
    *Gahhrr!!* I think I must have shut down my pc the night before =.="

  3. Looked at the mirror, *Shocked myself*, rupa-rupanya,
    I hadn't shaved for almost a week, busy till forget.. =.="
    *no, I'm gonna put up that hideous picture*

  4. Checked SmashpOp's Contest, OMG! I was outnumbered!

    Still I'm gonna continue on! (Friends, please continue to support me!)

  5. Open Facebook to check, O_O , thought my connection lag or something went wrong,
    wanted to clicked "log out" only to find out it was "Back to use old Facebook".
    Realized, they trying to add new features and change their layout

    still, I dunno about you guys, I prefer the old one,
    looks easier for me..

    See how many Shocks I had today?? Today's really shocking... *sigh*

  6. OMG!! I'm suppose to have exam in practically 10hours from now!
    WTF am I doing here??!!

Today is a real shocker for me...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang's New Event @ CS 1.6 Competition

Wootza! Nuffnang's creativity really impresses me.. ^_^
This time they came up with stuffs for us gamers, the old school CounterStrike 1.6

Alright let's get straight to the point:

Nuffnang's looking for 8 teams,
each consisting of 4 guys and 1 girl
closing the registration on 11.59pm 10th of August 2008

Tournament Game : Counterstrike v1.6
Date : 16th of August 2008
Time : 10am till 6pm
Venue: Samsung Booth, Hall 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Cash prize of RM1,500 for team and,
Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB) each.

Other than the CS 1.6 Competition, guys+girls, you all can compete for best blogs:

Win Some Prizes from Samsung

The Funniest Entry
32″ LCD TV

The Most Creative Entry
Digital Still Camera NV24HD

Samsung Favourite Entry
Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-S5

Deadline for World Cyber Games Blog Contest:
11.59pm 14th of August 2008.

On top of that, there's a mini game challenge at Samsung WCG microsite.

Top Scorers get:
1st prize - Mobile Phone i550
2nd prize - Digital Still Camera i8
3rd prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB)
4th prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-T10 (2GB)
5th prize - MP3 Player YP-U3 (2GB)

So Check it out ya!



Have you guys noticed something different from usual on my blog?

What's it all about? Actually it's something by, giving youths the opportunity to voice out your thoughts and also most importantly, a passive side income by answering surveys which pops up once in a while..

See??!! It might be a little, but hey, if you have lots of friends, invite 'em all, and you earn 20sen per friend! Well at least friendship is starting to price up huh? LOL just joking ppl..

Nway, start clicking on mine and earn me some money.. Haha..
Of course not forgetting the magic word, "PLEASE!"


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Oh Come On..

Guys! Ladies!

I'm in a contest... And I definitely wanna win...

Support me Pls??
I so despo, you can see what I did..

For those who are in support of Yours Truly,
Kindly let me know if you have pasted the icon (with my name)
[only those who haven't informed me, but have done it...]

I sincerely thank you..
and I really appreciate everyone's consideration..

VOTE me!

If I win, whoever support me, I blanja!
Sounds nice right?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Seriously, tonight I'm darn full.. Didn't really had dinner, but there was fried chickens and a pot of soup served.. I don't really consider it a dinner without having a plate/bowl of rice in front of me during my meal.. Some sort of habit lar..

Nways, The POT of soup was the average size... but what's different tonight is that I've gotta finish it all, MYSELF!! O.M.G

Chicken+Spinach+Red Dates+Kurma

I'm now ROUND on the sofa!
Killer Soup!


Math result released!

Haha, after the hard time revising and doing math practices (Very ma fan wan), sat for the freaking text and now, time to reveal what my efforts have done for me.. Kekeke XD

Unfortunately it wasn't the top.. out of 100, I only manage to score 97 79 only *sigh* T_T.. But what the heck right? It's still an A after all.. So I should be happy..

But that's not the lime light here... What's interesting would be as shown below:

The Question that gave us a had time during test...

Trust me, it involves calculation.. =.="

As usual, the Lame King as his own way of tackling this question!

Q: Who is the killer?
A: "C", adds "A killer never never says he is a killer"

SCORED! PWNED that question!

Don't you think it's as easy as drinking White Coffee?

If you said yes, I'll pounce you!

White coffee is not easy to drink..
Need to go to a good place to drink it..
drinking it requires patience and technique..


Monday, July 21, 2008


Well first of all, I would like to congratz my sis for obtaining quite a good result for her pre-PMR test.. Of course, it wasn't the best, but it's still great! *Hugs*

However, I was quite furious.. No, not because of her results la.. =.="
But rather I was furious at her school (Sorry, I can't mentioned the name of the school, as to avoid myself from being sued of defamation)

You all know, someone's good job ought to be rewarded as a sense of motivation to the person for better work performance... Though some people get the idea, unfortunately they don't get the meaning of MOTIVATION and REWARD..

My sis received a mug and some incentive for her hard work and her good results..
That's ok right? But what if the mug is not bought or made by the school?

Look at the mug..

They gotten from a beach resort for free, and they gave it away from reward..

What kind of reward is this?
What kind of motivation you expect people to gain?
What kind of result at the end of the day would you expect in return?
Can you imagine, studying/working hard achieving good results,
and getting something like this?

No wonder some people nowadays are so unmotivated to put efforts into their work...
Schools also like that.. Pfft!


SmashpOp Pimps!

Alright guys, and gals..
My fellow friends
This is the moment you all have been waiting for..
Thank you for being patient with me..

The contest has finally begin!
I'm joining the SmashpOp Pimps You! (2008)
So please my friends, support me!

Copy and paste the below code onto your blog (side panels),
And let me know the URL of your blog
(your blog must be 3 months old or older and active)...
If possible get your friends and your friends' friends to support me..
Hehe ^_^

Thanks my friends!
*hugs + kisses*


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The winning answer!

Topic: Being a female is more difficult than being a male..

A supports the topic
B oppose the topic

(From all the other points debated, whether it is family, friends or work issues, both have equally scored their points there..)

(and on the final point...)

A: Being a woman, the most difficult part is being pregnant, she has to endure the pain and suffering herself

B: But being a man, the difficulty is not only there, but also involves stress in addition to pain and suffering that he shares from the woman he loves

Judge: What stress is that?

B: The stress of not knowing the gender of the baby...

JUDGE and audience: *LOL*

Conversation from..
the Miss HongKong Beauty Pageant 2008

Private Structure @ Loft

Last Thursday went to Loft with Alex, Celine and Khairul for the Private Structure event...
I was double shocked that day! Though I did not express it out, but yeah I was indeed double shocked!

Shock #1: I gave my word to go out on that day,
and on that day itself I realized I had test the very next day.. O_O

Shock #2: When we were there, then only I was told that
it was a "most-guys" event!! O_O
I cant say the G word cause it might be offensive to others
(G word has the same meaning has Happy)

First club I went to, and it was this event o_O
Girls reading this.. You'll definitely love it..
Guys reading this, please do not pulverize me..

Reminder: I'm not associated with the G-word..
Never had been, never have been, never will be..

The runway stage

We were there way earlier than others..
Event started late.. Supposed to be at 9pm..
Alex and I still got a chance to have dinner before event starts

People start coming in..
This guy suddenly stares at me.. O_O

Not a jail, just a barrier between the bar and the toilet..

More people arrived.. but event did not start yet..

Had a cool idea, and took this!

Alright event's gonna kick off!

People surrounding the stage

underwear + sunglasses

underwear + afro

shorts + glasses

wearing casual

casual pose

This guy knows how to score chicks

Last pose!

Alright enough of 'em,
time to focus on others..

Frontline of Camera-attacks!

Hey Mr DJ!

Alex looks cool!

we 4 loft!

we 3 frenz!

**Pictures are courtesy of Alex's"

Was a nice event...
But next time can we go for an event associated with L-word?
Or some other events associated with the F-word?
LOL! F-word is not the F***
F-word is Fun la!
wakakakakaka! gotcha!
*lame, right?*

still the undefeated champion of the world,
Lame King


How many of you gotten spam from unknown people?
Well I opened my email, and found so many spams in my inbox..

First thought of it (if you're the naive type of people)

so many spamming letters in a day.. =.="

I opened a few to read them.. I know it's gonna be something stupid..
Wootz! People giving me free stuffs..

WoW! It's an event! Notice the RSVP??

Another email.. I know sharing is caring.. But this is crap..
Not only people wanna share with me the money,
they themselves share similar names?
Adams and Adama?
Coincidence? I think not..

Someone died.. Funny thing is there's no issues with inheritance..
Probably they are more civilized compared to the people who do?

I dunno, whatever it is..
Don't be dumb, people out there..
Like my mum and PamSong said:

There's NO FREE "MEALS" in the world!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Found the Screenshot I took earlier..

WOOTZ! My Internet has broken my personal record of "fastest" speed!

It took another few thousand seconds before it loaded my mail..
Yesh I've tried refreshing.. The sum of seconds I mentioned were excluding the refreshing times.. Sad case speed..

Don't know how long it's gonna continue..
But it's driving me crazy, I tell you!
Coz the same goes when I'm searching for stuffs with UncleGoogle and MrWikipedia..


Waking up late, makes me really hungry.. But nothing to eat at home..
So, decided to go out and makan.. But only 2 hours after I woke up..
I went online first, Haha.. Crap right? But it's my habit, since I could even remember it..
but HOLY CRAP! Internet was blardie slow! I mean to the extent I could say eff-ing slow!
(will show ya later on what I mean.. dunno where in the world I saved the screen shot of it..)

Nways, back to the topic, I went out to eat.. thinking of going alone, then can cycle.. Wasting petrol if I were to drive right? But guess again.. I did not go alone.. My family tagged along too, saying that they need a drink.. =.=" My idea of saving petrol, did not worked out..

So went to the nearest mamak in my area.. Order a cheese naan with limau ais.. Actually dunno what else to order at the moment, I was darn hungry, and Cheese naan was on my head at that moment.. No I did not have any cheesy thoughts.. I was only HUNGRY..

Cheese Naan: I too hungry, had a bite first..
Limau Ais: No I did not arranged it that way..

That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner.. I call it Bruncher.. *lame*
Cause me freaking RM5.00 (excluding other drinks) =.=" Use to be about RM4 only..
Now... *sigh* "Thanks" to petrol increase by you know who..
And the Bruncher wasn't even nice! pfft!

End up, went back home, made myself a cup of coffee and ate biscuits.. T_T

I arranged the biscuits in such a way..
Nice to see, nice to eat.. Hehe
Smell of the coffee (though 3-in-1) soothes the "beast"

So hungry that I nearly finished up the whole packet of biscuits.. Luckily I stopped..
If not tomorrow night eat what?


Yesterday, accidentally slept early.. then woke up in the middle of the night.. was Internet surfing, "chat" with PamSong for a while.. Then went back to bed.. that was about 4am (no I was not on MSN, i find no purpose putting myself there, being online only for a short while)

Guess what time I woke up? 6PM sia! wootz! I guess I was over-exhausted throughout the nights where I spent my time on both studies (revisions) and surfing the net (while chatting a lil that is)..

I think I woke up cause I was hungry.. I could have slept till midnight comes, but I couldn't possibly fight the hunger I had inside.. Wake up only to know that there is no dinner around.. But my family had eaten.. =.="

Reason: "You slept like a pig! Call, SMS, alarm ring oso not happening"

I really was a pig at that time.. Haha!

Thursday, July 17, 2008



What in the world??!!

My 15 minutes to get to my college,
Took a FREAKING 50 minutes today!


Driving to college,
Gear 3 pun tak guna..
(until I reach within the college area)

What is wrong with you people?!
(referring to the drivers earlier)
Blardie hell!!
You from the right lane, put last minute signal to the left,
and expect others to give you way??!!
No wonder la JAM!

For COL! (crying out loud!)
The honk is not a musical instrument ok?


Jam was freaking long, that I could see some girls
camHo-ing in their own cars.. LOL!
Wish I had brought my camera..
I could have show u what people do in the car..

Again.. WT-DOUBLE-F lahr..

*I apologize if I offended anyone, SORRY*
JAM = mood spoilt
Don't worry, the fire's only in here

I still don't bite anyone.. *winks*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Lame's the Name of my Game!

Seriously, at times most of the time I can be really Lame.. Coming up with lame jokes, lame talks, lame ideas, lame writings, lame actions.. basically anything I do, can be mostly related to Lame-ness..


Jeff: Look guys I can open the door....

Jeff: ...With a Broken key! Hahaha
Everyone else: =.=" Lame la u!

Another Example:

Ok if this is a Condominium..

Then what is this? Try and guess..
It's a flat! geddit?

I don't know but I can't help myself.. being lame is like so natural to me.. Maybe I was born in a lame way.. LOL! *sorry mum, don't spank me!*

here's a piece of evidence that shows I'm that lame..

yupz.. said by our very own PamSong, the Butt Kicker.

Alright, I hereby CROWN myself as the Lame King..
Who can beat me?