Thursday, August 28, 2008


Phew, after 2 days of working @ Menara TM for some Microsoft's Product's Promotion, I feel kinda exhausted. Haven't been working that long for some time now...

In addition to that, I couldn't take pictures, because I was kinda running up and down most of the time. So gonna disappointed both myself and everyone else. Hmm, this time around, working for an event, I'm surprised I didn't get any goodie bags even though there was a heap of leftovers Even more surprising, it was from Microsoft

Kinda tired now, I guess I'm heading for bed early tonight.

Ps: The Prize is still available. Refer to my previous post for details.
Note: Must tell me what I gave her for Convocation Gift. *winks*


  1. Poor thing... I will try to demand for a higher pay for you. Do get some rest... Take care!

  2. The prize is still on means nobody in the previous post guess correctly or almost correctly??

  3. Celine:
    Haha.. You'd do that for me??
    *awwwh* *hugs* THX a bunch gal!
    Don't worry, it's just temporary tireness only.. ^_^

    Well actually someone gave the answer earlier than you.. Sorry ler..
    I late update ma..

  4. How much u getting paid? 10/hour? too bad that you missed the matta fair's... if there is an open, i give u 1st :P

  5. Nah.. I think it was rather Rm8/hour.. =(

    yea i know i missed it.. but do fill me up if there's any opening though.. I wanna WORK.. and get MONEY.. *poor man alert*