Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Genting Trip

This year would be the first (in my life) that I went up to Genting more than once. This time is quite as exciting as the last one (this year). Not only it was meant for relaxation, but also a small celebration of birthdays (belated and advance) *winks*

Went up with a few of my college mates and some new friends (met there), Peggy and Kenny. Spent a night there, and came back down at noon the next day.

-Entered the theme park-

What else? Picha's first!

Kenny was sporting as well!

walking around, got tired (not me of course), took the escalator to an extra altitude of 50m from where we were

-It rained halfway, so we all had brunch first-

all of us, well mostly... Vincent was blocked! *sigh*

-Rain stopped, let the FUN continue-

quick snap before it was our turn..

Kenny, Peggy, and Grace

ARRRGGHHH!!! MaMa!! There's a dino!
haha.. well we were boat riding at Dinosaur Land..

I'm afraid of the dark??

once on dry land, the girls became attached to me.. LOL! I so wish that was true!

I saw its eagerness to be on cam!

Look how surprise it was! Sure la, suddenly a chick wanna kiss it.. *sigh* I want one too..

*day dreams* Jeff: "Oh Peggy.." Peggy: " Nah.." *Bitch SLAPS*

LOL. Just joking k? No offense.. *ouch, ouch*

I felt "he" needed that..

Everyone was petrified!

we were at the Flying Coaster

change of gender?

it became foggy.. *sigh*

-that's all for the theme park-
-back at the room, after dinner-

Yupz, Kenny's advance..
Grace's and my belated..

No.. I wasn't high..
I only had a few sips la..


awwwhh.. ain't that schweet??
FYI, we weren't sleeping,
just posing.. Seriously..

So that's all from my Genting trip last week.


  1. Jeffrey rocks! Always get to hang out with pretty chicks! Hehe... It's a compliment, you know. Not everyone have such privilege. Hehe... ;)

  2. Haha~! Thx! I sometimes do.. ^_^

    Hmm.. I do hang out wif lotsa chicks.. but they ain't mine to keep.. *sigh*

    it's still cool though.. i guess being nice does have its rewards.. Hahahaha..